May 2, 2010


   II Corinthians 2:11 The Apostle Paul recognized who his worst enemy was and that his biggest foe was always trying to get an advantage against him with many devises- (schemes).

   I Corinthians 16:8-9 Paul knew that for every open door of opportunity his enemy would be there with his many evil friends (demons) to try and stop real spiritual progress.

   Ephesians 6:11 It is for sure that Satan will continue to bother those that would stand for God. We need to know his methods if we are to stand against the wiles (deceitfulness) of the devil.

   Ephesians 6:12 Paul sets the stage for what is happening throughout the world. However, within the first phrase of this scripture lies Satan’s two most effective weapons against us.

   (1) “ For we wrestle not..” Many Christians are stopped right at this point in the scripture. They believe in Satan’s message that “there is no war, no battle. Peace, peace” he says. We go to church and sing and praise the Lord then go home. Wars and battles are not pleasant subjects and when it starts to involve our entire family and life style we get very uneasy.

   (2) “against flesh and blood..” Paul realized that he was in a battle, a war with a great and ferocious adversary. He also knew that it was a spiritual battle and not a “flesh and blood” battle. Herein is Satan’s second big lie to believers. If he doesn’t convince us that there really is no war going on, he will divert our attention from the spiritual to the carnal or physical battles.





   Proverbs 6:19 As Solomon was listing the seven actions that God hates, he includes “he that soweth discord among brethren”. There are thousands of denominations of “Christians” in the world that would spill their own blood defending some pointless man made doctrine that is pointless regarding the destiny of eternal souls. They constantly downgrade other groups.

   John 8:3-11 Jesus taught us to forgive those that sin because we are sinners as well. However, scandals involving leaders of churches or brothers and sisters within a particular fellowship rocks the faith of many. Unforgiveness and gossip causes splits within churches and hurt feelings.

   Matthew 18:15-17, 21-22 Jesus taught us how to solve issues within the fellowship and also how often we are to forgive our brethren. But so many times it is easier to hear than it is to actually do what is right. People in the church expend their energy and time arguing about hurt feelings over something said or not said. We gossip about people’s cloths, about the preachers last message, about the music, the heat, the cold, the seats. The battle wages on, but not against the devil and not for the lost souls of the people around us but we “battle over flesh and blood”.




   II Chronicles 7:14 Many Christians today suppose that the problems of the world could be solved if we could just get the non-Christians out of government, then everything would be fine. Christians in politics is fine and wonderful and would make a difference, but doing what God says to do would make a bigger difference- example: Moses, Daniel, Elijah, Ruth, Gideon.

   Colossians 4:6 We sometimes think that we can win someone over to the Lord if we can out argue some lost friend or co-worker over some insignificant bible trivia question. We go to the extreme to out shout and show off our great bible knowledge in front of lost people. Our attitude and our success rate would be much better if we would show Christ’s love rather than argue.  




   I Corinthians 2:2 When Paul came to the church at Corinth, he came not to degrade their idols or their false religion but he came only to preach the wonderful, simple gospel of Jesus Christ.

   Acts 19:10-37 When Paul decided to spend two years at Ephesus and preach and teach there, a great revival broke out with many people saved and even the economy of the city was changed through the Gospel. Verse 37 clearly shows us that Paul did not ever put down their religion.

   Acts 17:16-23 When Paul was at Athens we have the testimony of scripture pertaining to his wisdom in using the “alter of the Unknown God” as a bridge to the unbelievers in order to preach Jesus Christ to them without denouncing or defaming their religious beliefs in false gods.


   We are expending great amounts of energy and resources fighting against believers, non-believers, and other religions when we should be using our resources to fight the real foe.