March 28, 2010


   Many in the church today believe that the local church responsibility is mainly to teach, preach, and train church members to be Godly and righteous human beings. Many do not give a dime to help with missions, they don’t pray and are not to interested in listening to a missionary plea. They feel that by  developing a program for every age group and by keeping everyone ‘busy doing ministry’ within the church, they are fulfilling the great commission to the church. As we study the scriptures closely we can determine that what Jesus meant by the Great Commission was that the work of the church is missions.


   Luke 24:33-47 As we look at this particular portion of scripture where Christ gives the great commission, we see that it was given to the those who were the early church. Thus it is obvious that missions is the responsibility of the church.

   Acts 8:1-4 Here we find that perhaps the early church was reluctant about leaving their comfort zone of Jerusalem or they were waiting for direction to move out with the Gospel. Regardless of their reasoning, God decided it was time for them to get the message out to the people of other areas.

   Matthew 5:14 The illustration that Jesus gives here shows us that we must take “the light” to others.

   Matthew 25:24-28 This parable is a warning to all that we are collectively held accountable for the spiritual gifts and talents we are given by God and He expects us to use them for His glory.

   Acts 1:8 There is no question as to the whom Jesus gave the responsibility of missions.




   Acts 8:5-6 Right after the persecution of the church started we see Phillip preaching in Samaria. Where did Phillip come from? He came from the church.

   Acts 8:14-17 When the Samaritan revival got back to the church at Jerusalem it was the church that sent leaders to verify and to build up the new Christians.

   Acts 10:1-11:18 It was Peter who was called by God, from the church, to go to the Gentiles.

   Acts 13:1-3 It is recorded for us in the scriptures that it was the church that sent forth missionaries.

   Philippians 4:15-19 It is the responsibility of the church to provide the needs of the missionary.




   II Corinthians 11:28; Ephesians 4:11 For the great missionary Paul, the chief duty and responsibility was for the care and concerns of  “all the churches”. The primary work of missions is to build churches and to equip the saints for the work of God.

   Acts 14:21-26 Here we see the missionaries in different countries and cities preaching, teaching and organizing churches.

   Acts 15:1-4 When issues came up in the young churches they sent Paul to the church at Jerusalem to determine the right way to go.

   Acts 14:25-28; 18:22; 21:17-19 Each time Paul had finished his missionary journeys he came back to his sending and supporting churches to give his report on what great things God had done.

   Matthew 16:18 Jesus promised that He would build His church. The church is not just the corner building at every other street corner in the city but a living, striving organism that encompasses the entire earth with every believer a vital part. Each point of this outline, described from scripture, is a precedent on just how God is building His church and if we will do our part we will be doing what God wants us to do and that is to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel”.