March 14, 2010


   Matthew 11:28-30 In these few verses of scripture Jesus shows His concern and His understanding of the emotional, physical, and spiritual problems we face each day. He promises a rest that we can have through trusting in Him.




   II Peter 3:9 God has no desire to destroy, punish, or send anyone to hell. His desire is that all people will come to Jesus and be saved.

   Matthew 22:1-3 There is going to be a great marriage and feast that God wants everyone to attend. He invites all who will accept  Jesus to come to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

   Revelation 3:20 Just before He comes for His bride in the rapture, Jesus is still inviting all who will trust Him to come.


Peace, refreshment, physical, emotional, spiritual, relief from stress.         


   Psalms 14:3 God promises that we can have rest and peace in Him.

   John 14:27 Jesus tells us that the peace we need can be found in Him.

   Matthew 11:28 (Labour) carrying burdens, a heavy load, cares, anxiety.

   (Heavy laden) burdened, afflicted with pain.

   Luke 8:14 There are business cares that steal peace and the rest we should have with God.

   Luke 10:38-42 There are the family cares and stresses that rob us of Godís rest and peace.

   Luke 12:25-31 There are personal selfish cares and issues regarding goals and desires that we put ahead of everything and every body that take away Godís joy and spiritual rest we need.

   Philippians 4:6-7 Paul teaches us that stress and anxiety should not be part of our life as a Christian. If cares and stress come to us he tells us to pray to God about it with a humble attitude and a thankful heart and the Lord promises to give us the rest and peace of God that we need.




   Matthew 11:29-30 (Yoke) To bind together, to unite, to join together.

   Jesus asks us to join Him in our life long spiritual journey, and if we do we will find a rest. He tells us to learn about Him in order that we might trust Him and have confidence in Him.

   (Meek) Gentle, patient, not inclined to anger or resentment.

   Isaiah 53:6-7 When we take the time to learn about Him, we find mercy, love, gentleness, and redemption.

   John 13:3-5, 13-17 When we look at His interactions with those people who knew Him best, He gives us the greatest examples of humility and servitude we can find.

   Matthew 18:20 He gives us the promise of a brotherhood with Him as we labor together with other believers in His church.

   John 14:3; Hebrews 13:5 He gives us the promise over and over again that He is with us now and He will be with us forever, never leaving or forsaking us.