(MATTHEW 16:1-3)
March 7, 2010


   Matthew 24:3; Acts 1:6 For thousands of years people had searched, questioned and studied the scriptures to find out what the bible has to say about the timing of future events. As we will see, God has given more than just a glimpse into the future regarding what will happen and when.




   Daniel 9:24-27 Without any doubt, the seventy weeks of Daniel has been and still is the most studied and storied prophecy of the Jews in all of scripture. It describes for all who will read and study it the plight of the Jews from the time of Daniel until the millennial Kingdom. As we know, the seventy weeks of this prophecy refer to 70 weeks of 7 years or 490 years.

   Daniel 9:25 The first 7 weeks or 49 years for the Jews refer to the time period for the rebuilding of the walls and the streets of Jerusalem. This began in Nehemiah 2-6.

   Daniel 9:26 The second phase of the prophecy covers 62 weeks or 434 years. These years are a continuation from the time the city was restored in 445 B.C.- 396 B. C. During this time there was a great silent period (400 years) between God and His people. At the end of these weeks Jesus was born and ďcame unto His own but they received Him notĒ and He was crucified (cut off). On the day of His triumphant entrance into the city, riding on an asses colt just as it was prophesied in Zechariah 9:9 the Lord must have had Danielís prophecy in mind when he spoke in Luke 19:42.   

   Daniel 9:27 The third and final week or 7 years of Danielís prophecy begins with signing of the peace treaty with Israel but soon after the signing ( 3 Ĺ years) the anti-christ will begin a bloodbath like the world has never seen. He will try to destroy Godís people forever. This period is the Tribulation period and will be terrible for the Jews. Between the time of Jesus being crucified and the final 7 years of the prophecy, God calls a time out of some 2,000 years in order to bring about a world wide time period that shows His wonderful characters of mercy, love and grace toward the human race that He created for Himself.


(Daniel 9:24)
   Mark 1:14-15 As John the Baptist moves off the scene, Jesus announces His presence to the people whom He came to save from their sins. Here He states that it is His time.

   John 5:36 Jesus defends His miracle of the impotent man at the pool by stating that He will spend His time doing what the Father has told Him to do during His time on earth.

   John 9:4 Jesus talks of His work for the Father and that He must continue while He has time.

   John 17:4; John 19:30 His work being completed and His time on earth was done, the words of the prophet echo from the crowd that watched Jesus take His last breath Jeremiah 8:20




   Acts 11:1, 15-18 God uses Peter to show to the Apostles that He will save the Gentiles and they will become part of The Bride of Christ during the Church Age.

   Romans 11:7-11, 25 Paul reminds us that we should not think to highly of ourselves because it is only the mercy and love of God that has given us the opportunity to be saved.

   Romans 15:9 Because of Godís grace, Paul says that we should spend our time praising Him.

   Ephesians 5:15-16 We are warned to make our time count for Christ.

   Matthew 6:31-34 Jesus taught us to put down the flesh and be spiritually minded first.

   Hebrews 9:27 We are reminded that life is brief and we must prepare for meeting our Lord.