February 21, 2010


   I Peter 4:12-13 Throughout our life time here on earth we start at a very early age being tested. We are tested physically, tested mentally, tested emotionally and tested financially. It should come as no surprise to the believer that God also tests us spiritually throughout our Christian walk. How He tests us and the way we handle the testing can tell us where we are spiritually (how mature), and if we can be trusted with more responsibilities for Christ in our immediate future.




   Job 23:10 There is no one within the scriptures that was tested both physically and emotionally more than Job. We can be assured that Job was the right man for this particular time and this particular test. God had a specific reason for allowing Job to be tested like he was tested. The reason was to show the Devil and all who would read about Job that God could be trusted and that He cares deeply for us.

   I Peter 1:7 Peter tells us here that the trials of affliction are spiritual tests concerning our faith.

   Malachi 3:3 This passage tells us that we are refined and purified so that we can offer acceptable offerings (in righteousness) or sacrifices to Him.




   Hebrews 11:24-26 Often times the Lord will allow us to encounter great worldly attractions that would steer us away from the “straight and narrow road” that leads to His best for us.

   I Kings 3:5 Here we see that Solomon could have chosen long life, health, wealth and fame. His decision was right and God rewarded him for asking for wisdom to help God’s people.

   Nehemiah 1:1-4; 2:1-5 Nehemiah was given crushing information about his people and their city. He was willing to leave his comfort zone and take on great responsibility for God.




   Acts 14:21-22 Paul had just been stoned and left for dead. He tells the Christians that they will be suffering persecution and much tribulation before entering heaven.

   Acts 16:22-25 Just like Paul and Silas persecution may happen to us at any time. While we seek to do good and care about people and their soul, harassment could be waiting any moment.

   Matthew 7:24-25 Surely Jesus was telling us that trials and testing would come to us and that we better be well grounded in His Word and keeping in close fellowship with Jesus our Rock.




   Luke 6:38 The biggest challenge for most Christians is the test of our wallet. God tells us over and over that we are stewards of what is rightly His anyway (Psalms 24:1). We ought to be generous because he is so generous to us.

   Luke 19:12-15 There is coming a time when all will give account of our stewardship to Him.

   I Corinthians 4:2 Basically the financial test boils down to this very short verse of scripture.




   Deuteronomy 8:2 When our life is beginning to reach the final chapter and we are asking the questions as to why God tested us throughout our life, here is the answer.

   I Corinthians 3:13 Once we have reached the other side of Jordan all our trials and testings will be revealed as to rewards or loss of rewards and whether or not we had pleased our Savior.