January 24, 2010



   John 14:1-3 Just before Jesus was to go to the cross and die for the sins of the world, He promised that He would be back for all those who are saved and take them out of this world.

   Before He comes back, what can we expect the world to be like? What does the bible say will be the condition of His people and the general condition of mankind and the world as a whole?




   Matthew 24:3-6 Jesus forewarns His people of what we know has already come to pass.

   Matthew 24:7 We see in this very next verse that Jesus warned of constant warring of nations.

   Isaiah 9:6; 2:1-4 Isaiah prophesied that there would come a Savior one day who would be called The Prince of Peace. This Prince will bring to an end all wars and fighting in the world.




   John 12:3-8 In this story we see love, compassion, treachery, and dishonesty toward our Lord. We also can see that poverty was common then and Jesus said poverty would continue.

   Proverbs 6:10 One of the causes of poverty in our land is laziness., and government handouts.

   Proverbs 21:17 Another great cause of poverty in families is the love of pleasure and toys.

   Amos 8:11 There will continue to be material poverty until Jesus comes back, but the worst poverty of all continues to be the Spiritual poverty that is starving billions in the world.




   II Timothy 3:1 The bible says in the last days perilous (hard or difficult) times will come.

   John 16:33 Jesus told us that we will have tribulation ( big trouble, problems) in the world.

   John 15:18-21; 16:2 Jesus has told us that His road is narrow and will not be the easy way.

   John 16:33; Ephesians 4:13 While we will have trouble, Godís people can have His peace.




   II Timothy 3:13 The promise in this verse is not encouraging but it has turned out to be truth.

   II Timothy 3:2-4 This description of what Paul said would happen in the future is like watching the news or listening to everyday conversation on the job.




   II Peter 2:1-2; I John 4:1 The bible teaches us of false teachers to come that deny Christ.

   Acts 20:29-30 Paul warns the Ephesians to be watchful of false teachers and preachers.

   Acts 17:11; II Timothy 2:15 Paul taught the churches that we must be diligent to search out and be knowledgeable about the scriptures in order to know truth from error.

   II Timothy 4:1-4 This prophecy by Paul has come true. Many churches today are filled to capacity with thousands of smiling faces being entertained with music and feel good sermons.

   II Peter 3:3-4 There are scoffers and mockers today that make fun of Christ and His coming.

   Psalms 2:4-5; Proverbs 1:22-30 The mockers and scoffers may have their fun at Godís expense for a while. However, as in the days of Noah and in the days of Sodom God will be laughing in the end, and He who laughs last laughs best.