January 10, 2010


   All through the bible, God talks of the importance of the heart of man to understand and react to what God would have us to do. Throughout the Word the heart is generally referred to as the essence of man in his innermost being. God tells us in His Word that the mind and the heart are the same. Letís look into the Word and find out how our heart defines our Spiritual life.




   Proverbs 4:23  Solomon warns us to guard our heart carefully because within it lies our life.

   Proverbs 23:7  The second wisest man ever born warns that the heart determines character.

   Matthew 15:18  Jesus tells us that the heart is the ultimate source of evil.

   Luke 6:45  We learn from Jesus parable that it is out of the depths of our heart that we speak.

   Romans 10:10  It is from our heart that we cry out in faith and believe in Christ to salvation.




   Ecclesiastes  9:3  Solomon tells us that the heart of man is full of evil and madness.

   Mark 7:20-23  Jesus says it is the heart which brings forth filthiness, dirt, pollution -(defile).

   Jeremiah 17:9  Godís Prophet tells us that our heart is dishonest and very wicked.

   Matthew 23:25  Jesus tells us that our heart is full of excess, and uses threats and violence to obtain our desires- (extortion).

   Hebrews 3:12  The writer of Hebrews tells us that the heart is the source of unbelief.

   Luke 10:31-32  Jesus warns us that the heart of man can become very cold toward the needy.   

   Acts 27:28  Paul talks of a people that will not see or listen with spiritual ears and eyes. Instead, their heart increases in vulgarity and obscenities- (waxed gross). 




   Matthew 5:8  The heart is to be kept pure from defilement in order to be happy and to maintain the hope of a good relationship with God.

   Philippians 4:7-8  The best way to keep our heart pure and clean is to think on the things that glorify God, not on the world and the flesh.

   Matthew 5:28  The sins of the heart are just as serious as those sins that are done outwardly.

   Matthew 6:19-21  The true status of the heart is reflected in part by the place that our finances are utilized. What we invest in financially reveals where our heart is.

   Matthew 11:29  One of the characteristics of the heart of Christ was meekness and humility. We are invited by Him to take these same characteristics upon ourselves.  

   Matthew 15:8 It is possible for a person to honor God with their lips while their heart is not in fellowship with Him.

   Mark 6:51-52 The heart of the Christian is not immune to being hardened and is also subject to unbelief.

   Luke 8:15 An honest and good heart will keep Godís Word and will bring forth spiritual fruit.