January 3, 2010


   We as Christians have no greater challenge, no greater need, than to experience a daily, passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

   John 21:15-17 When Jesus located Peter following His resurrection, the one question He raised had nothing to do with Peter’s future ministries or his separating himself to holiness. Our Lord went right to the heart of Peter’s need because He knows what constitutes a vital, authentic relationship with Himself. Thus His penetrating question to Peter, “do you love me?”           

   Revelation 2:4 This second generation church was comprised of many zealous, industrious members who were doctrinally sound, had no tolerance for wickedness, and enforced a rigid, external purity upon its members. However, they had lost something, or left something behind. They had lost their supreme love for Christ




   John 3:31; Colossians 1:18 Christianity is the person of Jesus Christ! All other religions are about methods, systems, rules and do’s and do nots. The focal point for Christians must be the God-man Himself, not what He taught or what He did, even though these are great in themselves, but He Himself as our advocate, our redeemer, our sin bearer, our resurrected supreme Lord.

   II Corinthians 4:5-6; Philippians 3:8-10 Paul the Apostle had one goal in his Christian life to know and love Jesus Christ supremely and share Him with everyone he came in contact with.

   II Timothy 1:12 Just before his death, Paul wrote his final letter to Timothy and his testimony was that he knew Christ and loving Him supremely he entrusted his soul into Christ’s hands.

   Ephesians 3:17-19 Paul’s prayer for us is that we will be “rooted and grounded in love” with the One who had won Paul’s own heart. His admonition in these verses tells us that we cannot know the depth of Christ’s love without being in love with Him ourselves. 




   Romans 12:1-2 It seems that many roads in scripture lead back to these verses by Paul. In order to be transformed into the person that God would have us to be, we must obey the commands of God. The first and greatest commandment was quoted by Jesus in Matthew 22:37.

   John 8:28-29; John 14:21 Jesus taught that because of the love He had with the Father, He did everything that God the Father told Him to do. Jesus says we will do the same if we love Him.

   Genesis 22:1-2, 9-12 Here we see the greatest spiritual test in the life of Abraham. Let us take a moment to determine why God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son, the son that God promised he would have. I submit that this action was not to test Abraham’s faith in God.

   Genesis 15:5-6 Some twelve years after he was called by God to separate himself from his country and kindred, God shows us that He was well pleased with the faith of Abraham.

   Perhaps the reason God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son is shown to us in Gen. 22:2 where we see that God tells Abraham to take Isaac, “whom thou lovest” and sacrifice him to God. Perhaps Abraham loved Isaac too much!! The problem could be that Isaac was loved above God.

   We cannot love God with all our heart and love anything or anyone greater that Him.




   Hebrews 12:1 A passionate love for Christ will settle the “besetting sin” that strikes at us all.

   Ephesians 5:21-28 A passionate love for Christ will rid  homes of divorce and heal families.

   I Corinthians 6:1-8; 11:17-18 A passionate love for Christ will solve issues in the church.

   John 4:35 A passionate love for Christ will thrust us into the whitened fields of harvest.

   I Peter 3:3 A passionate love for God will give a sense of discipline and modesty to believers regarding our dress, our eating, our speech and our faithfulness to all our commitments.