December 13, 2009


   John 10:10 Jesus tells us that He came to give us the ability to experience an abundant life. The word abundant means a life that is more  than sufficient, ample, very plentiful- Webster.

   The life that He promised us could be a life of blessings, a life of joy, peace and assurance.

   John 15:8 Part of the abundant life will be ours when we learn to bear fruit.

   John 15:5 The key to bear fruit in the abundant life is when we learn to abide in Him.

   John 15:10 The key to abide in Him is found in obeying Him. There are levels of obedience.




   Ephesians 5:5-7 The fear factor when we obey because we know will happen if we donít.

   Acts 10:1-2, 34-35 There is a proper fear of God that can motivate us to initially turn to Him.

   Philippians 2:12 There is also the fear of God that will help us to serve Him more.

   Hebrews 10:30-31 There is the fear of His judgment on us if we are disobedient toward Him.

   I John 4:18 The type of motivation to obey out of a servant type fear is not a relationship that is one that is mature, or one that God desires from His people, John 15:15.




   Matthew 19:27 The attitude of selfishness is when we obey in order to get something in return.

   Mark 10:35-41 Even when our service is one that is above the norm in the site of others, when we display the characteristic of selfishness it is never received well by our piers or our foes.




   John 14:15 Jesus taught His disciples that the greatest and most simple form of obedience comes from the love we have for Him.

   John 14:23 Here is where Jesus tells us how and when He and the Father will abide with us. He says simply that those that really love Him will be obedient to the things that He commands.




   As we have seen in the Abundant life, the keys are all found in His Word. The key to obedience leads to His abiding in us. The key to obedience is found in love. Here are the keys to love.




   John 3:16; I John 3:16 The more we learn of His love for us, the more we will love Him.

   I John 4:6-8 When we learn more of God through His Word we will learn to love more.

   II Peter 1:21; John 16:12-13 Knowledge comes from communication. Communication with God is a two-way street. He speaks to us through His perfect Word.

   Philippians 4:6-7; I Thessalonians 17-18 We speak to God through our prayers.

   Psalms 1:1-3 The value in our communications with God is that we grow in the Abundant Life through knowing Him and loving Him more and more in our every day life.

   Ephesians 3:14-21 As Paul prayed for the Ephesians, our prayer should be that we also could be strengthened by His Spirit and that we might understand the many aspects of love that Christ has for us and for the whole world.

   Psalms 116:1-2 As we experience the love and the blessings God bestows on us by His wonderful grace, we learn to love Him as we should.