October 18, 2009


   II Timothy 4:1-8 The sum total of the Apostle Paul’s life as a Christian is given to us in these eight short verses. One commentary, (Wiersbe) puts it this way, In effect Paul was saying that “Caesar is not going to kill me. I am going to give my life as a sacrifice to Jesus Christ. I have been a living sacrifice, serving Him since the day I was saved, now I will complete that sacrifice by laying my life down for Him”. Paul goes on to say that he knows he will receive a crown for his service because he had fought the good fight of faith and tells us to do the same.




   Isaiah 38:20 Hezekiah writes about the joy and happiness when God is ready to save us.

   II Peter 3:9 The New Testament clearly echoes what Hezekiah said, God is ready to save.

   Acts 17:9-12 At the city of Berea, Paul found a people that were ready to receive God’s Word.

   Romans 10:9, 13 Paul makes it clear that when we are ready to call on Him He will save us.




   I Peter 3:14-16 Because of our life style being different, we must always be ready to witness.

   I Timothy 6:17-19 Those that have extra should be ready to share with others for Jesus sake.

   Galatians 6:10; Hebrews 6:10 Those that can give extra must be ready to help believers first.

   I Peter 4:10 As Christians, we must be ready to minister spiritually to others as good stewards.

   Romans 1:14-16 Paul gives a great example of always being ready to preach the Gospel message to everyone who listens, in hopes that perhaps God will save some for Jesus sake.

   Titus 3:1; II Timothy 2:15-21 Paul tells Titus and all who read his writings that in order to be prepared and ready to serve Jesus Christ, we must forsake sin and the world and live for Christ.




   Luke 12:35-40 Here we find the priority of being ready for Jesus to return for His church.

   Revelation 19:6-8 John tells us that the bride makes ready a garment for the wedding.

   Matthew 22 1-14 Jesus parable of the wedding indicates a readiness for the proper dress code.




   II Kings 20:1 Certainly not the kind of words Hezekiah wanted to hear, “get ready to die”.

   II Timothy 4:6-7 The reason Paul was ready is because his life was lived in daily preparation.

   Acts 20:13 When Paul knew the end of his life was coming soon, he was ready to meet God.

   Revelation 3:1-5 A stern reminder from The Lord Jesus that in our churches today, there are those who are unbelievers and those who are believers but are not living for Christ the way He wants us to live. He warns us to “strengthen the things that remain, that are ready to die, for I have not found thy works perfect before God”.