September 27, 2009




   Acts 27: 10-14, 20 As in this true story of Paul and the shipmates on this vessel, when Godís Word is not believed we can find ourselves in the midst of a terrible storm, one that we bring upon ourselves.

   Matthew 13:53-58 When the Word of God is presented to the lost, sometimes they are offended by the cross of Christ and can find themselves in situations whereby God is trying to get their attention before it is too late.

   John 3:36 The Apostle John tells us that unbelievers must deal with ďthe wrath of GodĒ that abides (remains, resides) with them already. God will put us through trying times to get us saved.

   Matthew 6:24-34 As Christians, we to can find ourselves in circumstances that we donít understand because we do not have the right kind of faith in God to get through our daily lives.




   Mark 4:35-41 On several occasions, Jesus put his followers in situations in order for them not only to see His greatness and His deity, but in order that they might grow in their walk with Him.

   I Peter 1:6-7; James 1:2-3  Peter and James tell us that we can expect that there will come different forms of adversity in our lives that God will allow in order to test our faith in Him.

   Matthew 14:22-31 In this illustration from a true story, we see many lessons that Jesus is teaching us. We first see that even in our darkest and most fearful times, Jesus is with us and He wants us to trust Him to take care of us. We also see that these doubts and fears from His Disciples came right after they had witnessed the great miracle of the loaves and fishes by Jesus.

   John 11:39-40 Just as Martha was making excuses to Jesus why they should not obey Him, we also make excuses why we donít have the faith to believe Him in our daily walk. Thatís when we find ourselves in a storm of doubt and fear without the peace that He has promised we can have.




   Jonah 1:1-4 In the writings of Jonah, we see the results of a believer that willingly and purposely disobeys the commandment of our Lord. As in the case of Jonah, he paid the price, and then he went down, and down, and down. The storms that God sends us can be very severe.

   Hebrews 2:1-3 The writer of Hebrews tells us here that every time we disobey or sin against the Lord, there is a price to pay and it will be rendered to us by the hand of God in some way.

   Revelation 3:16-19 Jesus tells the church to repent from their selfishness and their lack of zeal in service to Him. He tells us that He will chasten us if we are living in any way like this church.




   Exodus 9:22-24 There is a fire storm of judgment for them that are totally against God and His Son Jesus Christ. The storm comes in many forms, sickness, financial, family or even death.

   Psalms 119:37 The verse tells us that when anyone is away from God, afflictions( pain, distress, suffering, calamity) will come until obedience is obtained.

   Matthew 7:24-27 This beloved parable by Jesus indicates to everyone that the foundation of our lives must be built upon the Rock Christ Jesus. If we are to stand the storms of life that most assuredly will come upon every persons life, we must make certain the Perfect Storm doesnít blow us away.