(Joel 2:25-26)
July 26, 2009


   The word restore carries the following meanings: (to give back something lost, or taken away.

To repair or rebuild, to bring back to health) - WEBSTER.

   Joel 1:1-4 Because of wasted years of sin and disobedience toward God, the people of God are told why God has judged them so severely. In these verses we see that God is specifically talking to those that are the mature and the elders of the community.

   Joel 2:12-16 Here we see that there is hope in repentance toward God. We also see a wonderful Old Testament picture of the church and Christ together.

   Joel 2:25-26 This is a wonderful promise from God to those who will repent and return to God regardless of their age. With repentance comes pardon, mercy and forgiveness. But the one thing that is the most promising is that God says that He will restore the wasted years of our lives.




   The concept of retirement brings different thoughts and desires to all that are reaching maturity.

However, if like many others, the previous decades have yielded little in our service to the Lord, retirement can mean a whole lot more than pleasure through travel, golfing and fishing.

   Psalms 92: 12-15 The Psalmist here describes the righteous as those that bring forth fruit, even in their “old age”. God has not set a retirement age on service to Himself.

   Exodus 7:7 Moses and Aaron were chosen to lead the nation of Israel at ages 80 and 83.

   Joshua 1:1-2; 24:29 Joshua was about 80 years old when he tool the leadership after Moses died, he ruled until he died at the age of 110.

   Joshua 14: 7-12 Caleb was 85 years old when he reminded Joshua of the promise from Moses.

   Daniel 6:1-3 Daniel was made ruler in the kingdom when he was over 80. In 6:4-27 he was thrown into the lions den. In chapters 8-12 Daniel received the series of prophetic visions.

   Philemon 9 At a very mature age, Paul is still preaching, teaching and writing for God.




   Acts 14:23; Titus 1:4-11 Paul makes it clear that it takes experience and maturity to lead.

   I Peter 5:1-4 The Apostle Peter explains that those who lead, teach, and minister in the church must be mature, humble, unselfish, and willing to be used of God for the good of others.

   Titus 2:1-5 Paul talks to the mature, adult men and women and tells them to use their experience, maturity, their knowledge and their ability to impart instruction for the good of others.




   I Corinthians 13:11 One of the characteristics of adulthood is an attitude change from selfishness to caring about others.

   Philippians 3:12-15 Paul says that if we are to obtain maturity, we must forget those things in our past that kept us from our goal of a higher calling from God in Christ Jesus.

   Hebrews 5:14 The writer of this book tells us that the deep things of the Bible are only understood by those who will believe and use the scriptures in their everyday experiences.




   Matthew 20:1-16 This parabolic story by Jesus gives the promise of reward to everyone that will serve Him regardless of when we get into His service.