July 5, 2009



   Most people at one time or another have asked ourselves these questions: Why did God create mankind having a weakness in our natural ability to fight the urge to sin? If God is love, why didn’t He create us with a perfect ability within ourselves to love, honor, and obey Him so that we would not have to worry about being judged and punished for our sins?




   Matthew 26:41 Christ teaches us that our “human nature” is called “the flesh” and it is very weak.

   Romans 7:18 Paul tells us that within each of us is the characteristic of resisting doing what is right.

   Romans 7:21-23; Galatians 5:17 Paul explains the warfare that goes on within the Christian.

   Romans 8:5-8 Paul is teaching here that if we live according to our nature, we are God’s enemy.

   Galatians 5:19-21 Here Paul shows us exactly what human nature produces within each one of us.




   God could have created mankind perfect and incapable of error. However, God makes it plain from Genesis through Revelation that He created mankind for eternal fellowship with Him, but that fellowship must be motivated by a love for the one who created us and showed us that He loves us unconditionally.

   Deuteronomy 6:5 God requires man to love Him with all our heart, soul and with all our might.

   Ephesians 1:4 This shows us why love is so important to God. He wants us to serve Him on the basis of love, and He wants us to be holy and blameless before Him.

   I Corinthians 13:1-3 What happens to man when love is absent? Paul shows us that without the motivation of love toward God and mankind in general, man becomes worthless before God.




   Romans 3:23; 11:32 God created every person with the inability to be perfect before Him.

   Romans 7:18 Our weakness is in performing good.

   Romans 7:12 This verse explains what the “good” is that we are suppose to do. The good is following God’s laws and commandments.

   Romans 7:21-24 Paul tells us of the conflict that we all share and then he cries out for a deliverer.




   Romans 11:32 The answer as to why God created all mankind with a need is that He wanted to show mercy to every person.

   Romans 6:23 We needed a savior because we were all headed in the wrong direction.

   I John 4:7-11 God showed us His love by making a way for us to be forgiven and to be able to be holy and blameless in His sight, and then to be able to serve Him on the basis of loving Him.

   John 3:16 When we see how much God loves us and how He showed the world what it cost for salvation, we then can begin to love Him and serve Him the way He wants us to serve.