June 28, 2009


   In late 2005, Newsweek magazine along with took a survey of Americans to find out what they believed about their faith and how they practiced that faith.

   Among the questions was this one: Can a good person who is not of your religious persuasion be saved and go to heaven? Here are their responses...

   Evangelical Protestants   yes 68%   no 22%   don’t know 10%

   Non-Evangelicals             yes 83%   no 10%   don’t know 7%

   Catholics                           yes 91%   no 3%     don’t know 6%

   Non-Christians                 yes 73%   no 12%   don’t know 9%

   It is evident that most people agree that the majority of people will in fact go to heaven.

However, it is also evident that most of the people surveyed don’t know or don’t care what the bible says about this subject of how many people will actually make it to heaven.




   Matthew 7:13-14 Here Jesus teaches us the opposite of what the majority thinks.    

   Genesis 7:21-23; I Peter 3:20; II Peter 2:5 Only eight souls were saved during the flood.

   Genesis 19:24-30 Only three people escaped the total destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

   Numbers 14:26-32 Only two men out of over 600,000 made it to the Promised Land.         




   Mark 10:17-23 The rich young ruler was a very good person who lived a religious life style.

   Acts 10:1-6; 11:6 Cornelius was a devout, prayerful, generous man but still needed the Savior.

   Acts 2:5, 36-38 The devout, religious Jews on the Day of Pentecost needed to be saved.

   Acts 16:13-14 Here we see Lydia, a good woman who worshiped God needed salvation.

   Acts 26:9; Galatians 1:14 Paul epitomizes good, devout, religious people in need of Jesus.




   John 2:24 It would appear that these Jews saw miracles and believed that Jesus did them but Jesus looked into their hearts and saw their motives were not right. They did not have the right kind of faith; faith is believing and trusting, not seeing and trusting (Hebrews 11:1).

   Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus is warning that good works, teaching, preaching and even miracles done in His name does not qualify anyone for heaven.

   John 12:42-43 Here we see that there are those who believe but do not commit to Jesus because they refuse to “give up” (repent)  their worldly sins.

   James 2:19 This familiar verse testifies to the fact that believing is not enough.




   I Timothy 2:3-6; II Peter 3:9 The scriptures clearly show that God wants everyone to “repent” and be saved. He provided the perfect way and the perfect “Person” to save us from our sins.

   Acts 16:27-32; I Corinthians 15:1; Ephesians 2:8-9 The bible clearly states over and over, that we are saved by Grace through faith ( having trust and confidence) in Christ Jesus our blessed Lord.

   I John 5:10-13 Most of the writings of John the Apostle were for the readers to understand who Jesus Christ was and is, and that reading and understanding what John saw and heard while with Jesus on earth and during Christ’s Revelation to Him, we “may know” and be certain of our own personal salvation and our eternal destiny.