(Revelation 17 & 18)

May 17, 2009


   Daniel 12:9-10; I Corinthians 2:14; II Corinthians 4:3-4 Much of the language in Revelation is symbolic and requires much study of the entire Bible, especially Daniel and the other prophetic books. The knowledge that is gained through study and prayer gives the believer Holy Spirit discernment that unbelievers do not have and cannot get until they are saved. The Book of Revelation is a perpetual mystery to the unbeliever and therefore all kinds of false doctrine and crazy ideas are written in books, articles and movies that are just not Biblical in what they are trying to get across.


   The harlot that is riding the beast in Revelation 17 represents Religious Babylon. She is portrayed as a “harlot” because she commits spiritual fornication with the kings and leaders of the world.

   She is clearly identified as a “city” ten times in several chapters of Revelation.

   She is a city with the following characteristics that are found in these two chapters of Revelation:

    (1) She has a Christian heritage

    (2) She is exceedingly wealthy

    (3) She has the blood of Saints and Martyrs on her hands

    (4) She has religious and political influence throughout the world     

    (5) She is clothed in purple and scarlet

    (6) She is located near the Mediterranean sea 

    (7) She is full of abominations and idols

    (8) She sits on seven mountains or hills                                                                   




   Revelation 17:1-6 The angel of God begins  to tell John about the Mystery of the Harlot. She sits on many waters because she has influence throughout the entire world. She rides on the Beast indicating that she has no problem enjoying the political power of the Antichrist and his father the Devil. John was full of amazement and wonder at what he saw.

   Revelation 17:7-18 The angel of God tells John not to be amazed; he will explain the mystery to him. The Beast is the Antichrist who will end up in destruction or perdition. Those who choose to remain unsaved will be easily deceived by the Beast. The kings of the earth during the Tribulation Period will follow the Beast into battle against Jesus when he returns.




   Revelation 18:1-3 A second angel of God comes down from heaven having great power given him by God. This second angel pronounces the crimes of the great city.

   Revelation 18:4-20 Apparently Jesus Himself now speaks from heaven and pronounces the terrible destruction of the Harlot according to the Judgment of God.

   Revelation 18:21-24 Another mighty angel of God performs a symbolic act depicting the total destruction of the Harlot, that great city of wickedness and he declares her guilty of the slaughter of Saints and Prophets and everyone else she has betrayed.