April 19, 2009


   Worship- an act of love, devotion, reverence, humility, honor and respect (Webster).

   Genesis 22:1-18 There is no greater picture in the entire Bible of true worship than this story of Abraham and his son. In this magnificent true story, we see every aspect of what true worship is to our God: we have humility, with unyielding love and complete confidence and trust in God. We can see perfect obedience, devotion and reverence from Abraham to God that is required in true worship.




   John 4:23 God is seeking men and women to be worshipers of Himself. But this worship must be true worship that God will accept.

      The reason we must study the doctrine of worship is because so many times the Bible shows us that humans have worshiped wrongly and paid a very high price for their error.

   Genesis 4:5 Cain’s sacrifice was rejected by God because it was false worship.

   Exodus 32:7-8 Three thousand people died in one day because of  false worship of an idol.

   I Kings 11:31-33 The kingdom of Israel was divided because of false worship of the nation.

   Romans 1:25 The human race is subject to the wrath of God because of unbelief and turning from God to worship idols of our own choosing.


April 19, 2009


   (1) Humility - True worshipers of God are totally focused on Him, and have a very high perception of God and His perfectness and a low opinion of self.               

   Psalms 10:17 God hears the prayers of the humble and prepares the heart for true worship.

   Isaiah 57:15 God is happy with those that are humble and revives their hearts and spirit.

   Psalms 34:18; 51:17 God draws close to the humble and regards humility as a Godly sacrifice.

   (2) Reverence - God expects to receive honor and respect from His worshipers. This word is meant as a respectful fear, awe and wonder of His majesty and greatness.

   Psalms 89:7 When the saints are assembled, we are to be in reverence to our God.

   Ecclesiastes 5:1-2 Some of the foolishness that goes on in God’s house is disrespectful.

   I Corinthians 11:29-30 It was the irreverence of this church that caused most of its trouble.

   (3) Service - This word means to work, to labor, or to serve. In the Old Testament the service for God was done by the priests at the Temple.

   I Peter 2:5, 9 The New Testament tells us that we are all priests of God so we all should serve.

   Hebrews 12:28 When we serve or worship God with fear and reverence it is accepted by Him.

   Matthew 10:42 Our service is considered worship when we are humble and serve Him by serving others in His name.

   (4) Love - God is looking for a love response and a reflection of His love toward us.

   I John 4:19 To love God is not natural, it comes from God and He allows us to return it.

   Jude 21 To say “I love you” is not as uncommon as saying “I’m in love with you”. In love with Jesus is being engulfed totally and without hesitation giving Him all of our affection and honor.

   (5) Sacrifice - Central to worship in the Old and New Testament is that of sacrifice. In the Old Testament it was the sacrifice of animals, while in the New testament it is more personal.       

   I Chronicles 21:24 David talks of making an offering, or worship towards God as a sacrifice.

   Romans 12:1 Our God deserves the best we have to give. He expects 100% from all of us.

   Hebrews 13:15-16 Ours praise, our words, our songs, our giving and our prayers should be part of our worship toward God. Our help and sacrifice for others in Jesus name is also part of our worship that is accepted by God and pleases Him.