February 15, 2009




   John 8:30-44 The unsaved often look and talk like they are truly saved. Very few people can discern them accurately. They look and act like they are followers of Jesus. They are positive they are of God. They are positive that they are saved. Even Jesus Himself could not convince some of them that they were not saved. He told them that they were not of God but of the devil and would die in their sins, but they would not believe.

   Luke 11:44; Matthew 32:27 Here we see Jesus illustrating ministers of the Word. He calls them “graves”and “sepulchres”.. They don’t look like “graves” but they are leading people to an eternity in hell. Jesus says that they don’t “appear to be graves”, then He says that “the men are not aware of them”. The false ministers don’t appear to be deceivers but they are, and many that follow them do not discern their own dangerous path that they are following. Some of these false teachers and preachers, are on radio, the internet, and in pulpits.

   II Corinthians 11:13-15 Paul teaches us that some of Satan’s ministers call themselves teachers, preachers, professors, and prophets. Many people follow their false doctrine and cannot discern the truth until it is too late for themselves and their families.

   Matthew 13:24-30 God’s Word clearly shows that it is extremely difficult to tell false ministers and others that seem to be saved from those that are not.




   The following is a list of Bible Scriptures that show how the unsaved “impersonate” (assume another’s character) Christians but are not truly saved.


   Matthew 15:8-9 They pretend to draw near to Jesus and even appear to worship Him.

   Luke 11:39 They look and act righteous on the outside but are wicked on the inside.

   Luke 11:52 They have Bible knowledge but refuse it’s leadership and hinder those they teach.

   Matthew 7:21-22 They have the right ‘language” and do a lot of good works in Jesus name.

   Matthew 23:15 They work diligently to convert people to God but are helping them go to hell.

   Luke 18:11-12 They pray, they fast, and they tithe to the church.

   Romans 2:17-20 They are teachers and instructors of the Bible and think that they are lights to the lost. They know God’s will and rely on the Bible.




   Acts 17:10-11; II Timothy 2:15; Hebrews 5:14 Our ability to discern (understand with the eyes and the mind) good from evil is based on our in-depth knowledge of the Word of God.

   Matthew 7:15-20 Jesus says we can discern some false teachers by their works and their attitude.

   I Peter 2:2 If a proclaimed Christian does not desire God’s Word to grow on, it’s a bad sign.

   Matthew 5:3-10 When a professed Christian does not seek to be righteous, there’s a problem.

   II Chronicles 7:14; Matthew 18:1-4; Luke 13:1-5 The one characteristic of all false professed Christians is that they will not receive correction from God’s Word regarding sin and will not repent and will not humble themselves as little children before the Lord. They will make excuses or disagree with the Word, and will generally justify themselves because of their “unique situation”.