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Jason and the Stolen Watermelon, Part 2

By Harold Smith

Do you remember the story of Jason and the Watermelon? Well, here's some more on it. Jason is the boy who stole Mr. Smith's watermelon and buried the remains behind his garage. The watermelon seeds sprouted and his sin found him out. He said, "Mother, I'm sorry, I really am", after confessing that he'd stolen the watermelon, "I know it was wrong". "I'm glad you're sorry", said Mother, "but right now we must go see Mr. Smith and offer an apology". "Tell Mr. Smith?", Jason replied, "Oh no! Let's don't do that! Why can't I just be punished and then forget all about it? I'll bet Mr. Smith hardly remembers that now anyway". "Even so, Jason", said Mother, "You did steal it from him and you'll have to repay the debt". "Can't we just buy another watermelon and leave it after dark at his store", said Jason, hopefully. "No!", Mother said, "You see, you not only owe Mr. Smith a watermelon, but you owe an apology too." Jason frowned and asked, "But if I asked God to forgive me, isn't that enough?" Mother explained, "It is if you've sinned against God only, but when you lie and steal and hurt other people, then you owe them an apology too! You must show that you're really sorry and not just sorry that you got caught". Ten minutes later, Jason and his mother went by Mr. Smith's store, where Jason confessed to Mr. Smith the crime that he'd committed. Jason promised to work off the debt by helping with some yard work. Then Mr. Smith agreed to forgive him of it all. "Well son, don't you feel better now that you've done the right thing?", asked Mother as they headed home. "Yes", replied Jason, "But I sure hope I never have to do that again! I know I'm never going to steal another thing." How about you, boys and girls? Have you stolen things? Have you lied or done other things that hurt people? It's good to confess that sin to God because all sin is against God, but if you're truly sorry for your sin then you'll want to make it right with the other person as well. Ask God's forgiveness and ask the other person's forgiveness as well. It'll help you never to repeat that sin again. In the Bible, a man named Zacchaeus said, "... If I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation, I restore [him] fourfold" - Luke 19:8. Don't forget the story of Jason and the watermelon. Your sin will find you out, and when it finds you out, it's best to confess it - uncover it - to God and those that you've sinned against, and be forgiven of it. You can be forgiven through the Lord Jesus Christ.