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When the Trumpet Sounds

By Harold Smith

Who likes the sound of a trumpet? There was always a message in the sound of a trumpet in Bible days. In the army, when the bugler sounds the bugle a certain way, it's for a certain message being given. Sally propped her head up on the pillow as her mother read the Bible as she usually did every night. She was reading in First Thessalonians chapter 4, where the trumpet sounds and the dead in Christ are rising and going to be with the Lord. "What's that all about?", Sally said, "I don't really understand that". "That's what we call the Rapture of the Church", smiled Mother, "It's when Jesus comes to take all of His people off the earth and take them up to be with Him". "What about the dead coming out of the grave? Will Daddy come out of the grave, too?", asked Sally. Mother smiled and said, "It's going to be a wonderful day, Sally". Sally shuddered, "It doesn't sound wonderful to me! It sounds spooky and scary! I hope it doesn't happen for a long time! Jesus won't come tonight, will He?" "He may not", Mother said, "but He could. He doesn't say when He's coming back again. Why does that make you afraid, Sally?" "It's spooky", Sally said as she pulled the blanket up around her, "It gives me the creeps to think about seeing the Lord in the middle of the night!" "Sally tell me", Mother asked, "would you be afraid to see your daddy again? Do you want to see him again?" "Afraid to see Daddy?", said Sally, "I can't WAIT to see him! I love him and I know he loves me, too!" Mother spoke quickly, "You're not afraid to see your daddy because you love one another, but you're afraid to see the Lord Jesus. Could it be that you don't love the Lord Jesus like you love your daddy? Don't you think the Lord Jesus loves you?" Sally thought. "I guess that's it", she admitted. "You see", Mother said, "The Lord Jesus loves you and He died for you Sally, so that when He comes, you might be ready to go be with Him. If you would realize that He loves you, then you, too would love Him. And if you loved Him, you'd be anxious to see Him". "I understand that", said Sally, thoughtfully, "I do want to be ready when the Lord comes. I do realize that He loves me and died for me and I want Him as my Savior, right now". So she trusted the Lord Jesus, and she's ready for the coming of the Lord. Will you be ready when Jesus comes? Only if you trust Him as your Savior will you be ready when He comes. Trust Him as your Savior today. Be ready when Jesus comes!