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Two Ways to be Rich

By Harold Smith

You know, boys and girls, there are really two ways to be rich. There are two kinds of treasure that you can have. Brent and his family had gone to the airport to watch the plane take off. Mr. Baker, a friend of the family, and missionary to Africa, had just visited Brent's family the past week. "He sure works hard, doesn't he?", added Brent. Dad nodded, "Yes, he does, but it's worth it all, because many people are being won to the Lord Jesus Christ". As Brent and his family left the airport and headed back toward town, they came to a large, impressive home where many cars had pulled off the road, and lots of people were milling around. "Oh yes", Mother said, "There's an estate auction going on here. I remember reading about it in the paper. Old Mrs. White lived there, she was a very, very wealthy old lady. She really clung to her posessions. She was always afraid people would steal them from her. Now she's dead and they're selling everything and the family is dividing the estate". The family stopped to look around and they saw some very lovely and very expensive things. They remembered Mr. Baker in Africa. He lived in a very modest little hut. He had very little of this world's goods. He'd be what the world would call very, very poor. Here's a lady that was very, very rich. Dad spoke thoughtfully, "We've seen quite a contrast today! Mrs. White was known for her earthly riches, and Mr. Baker is known for his Heavenly riches". "Mrs. White was a Christian but we can't judge her", Mother said, "but as far as we know, she never showed any sign that she ever had received the Lord Jesus as her Savior. She likely died and went to the wrong place. She left all her earthly posessions behind, but Mr. Baker has his all laid up, waiting for him in Heaven. He doesn't have much of this world's goods to leave behind, but he has a lot laid up for him in Heaven". How about you? Is it important to you to make a lot of money, to have a beautiful home, and clothes and things? Or is it more important to lay up treasures in Heaven? If you know the Lord Jesus as your Savior, then look for Him and lay up treasures in Heaven and not on earth!