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Jerry and His Chores

By Harold Smith

Have you ever been too late to get all your work done? That's the way Billy was. Billy's grandmother was very sick, so his mom and dad had to go away, way out in the country to see his sick grandma. While they were gone, Billy was going to stay with the neighbor across the street, but he was still responsible to do the chores at the little farm they had. "OK dad, you can count on me, I'll be right there on time and do the work". Dad was pleased. "I hope we'll be home in about a week. And when I come home, I'll bring you a reward. No work, no reward, but if you'll do the work and do it well, I'll bring you a reward". Billy was happy with that. He was up bright and early every morning and he turned the cows out to pasture and he cleaned the barn and he hoed the garden and he worked real hard. Soon he heard a whistle and he saw his friend Jerry coming. Jerry said, "Ooh, it's hot today! Why don't we go for a swim in our new pool? You can finish your work later!" Billy knew better, but he was tired and hot, and going for a swim sure sounded good to him, so they went. And the next day they went, and the next, and four days slipped by and hardly any work had been done. On the fifth day, as Billy stood under the oak tree, he heard a car coming down the lane. It stopped and his parents got out. Dad said, "Good news, Billy. Grandmother is going to get better after all! And guess what? We stopped at the hardware store to get your reward. Mr. Green is sending out a truck with the new red bike you've been wanting!" "Oh", Billy moaned, "I might as well tell you, Dad, I haven't done the things you told me to do. But please, Dad. I'll work hard now and I'll work hard tomorrow and I'll get everything done". Dad shook his head sadly and said, "It's too late, Billy. When the bike comes we'll have to send it back. But you can profit from this experience. There's a lesson here that you need to learn and apply to your Christian life. You see, as a Christian, God wants you to live and work for Him. If you're a faithful worker, He'll give you a reward far more wonderful than a bike. But if you don't do what God says, there'll be no reward. No work, no reward. I hope you won't fail God, Billy". Billy said, "But I think I've learned my lesson". How about you, if you say you're a Christian, are you working for the Lord? Are you doing anything for Him? If you're not a Christian, then He wants you to come to Him and trust Him as your Savior and be saved.