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Jimmy and Jack that Died

By Harold Smith

This is a story of a boy who was dead, but alive! The story is about a little boy named Jimmy. He woke up one morning and looked over at the bed next to his, but Jack wasn't there. Jack was his big brother, but Jack was gone. It had been almost two weeks since Jack left for school one morning and had not come back. Something had happened, a terrible accident, and Jack was killed. Mother had said that Jack has gone to Heaven. But Jimmy wasn't too sure. Mother entered the bedroom to see if Jimmy was awake. She came in and sat on the bed. She said, "What's the matter, Jimmy?" Jimmy said, "I've just been thinking about Jack". "Yes", Mother said, "We all think about him, but he's better off where he is, with Jesus". "But mother, how do we KNOW he's there?", Jimmy asked. "I know", mother replied, "Because Jack accepted Jesus as his Savior. Jimmy, if you would believe on Him and trust in Him, you will be there too, with Jack, if you should die". Jimmy nodded, "You always say that Jack is in Heaven, but he was right there in that casket and we put him in the ground". "Yes, Jack's body is in the grave", Mother said, "but his soul, his real life, the real Jack, left the body and it went to be with Jesus". "I don't see how that can be", Jimmy said, "my head, my hands, my eyes - that's me too, isn't it?" Mother shook her head, "Not really", she said, "your body is just the house in which you live. Your body may die, but not your soul. It lives forever. Jack's body died and we buried it, but God took Jack's life, his soul, to Heaven. So when I think of Jack, I think of him in Heaven, not in the cemetary". "Well, that's different", Jimmy said slowly, "but I wish I could see Jack every day". "I know", Mother said, "We all do. But as Christians, we can look forward to seeing Jack in Heaven one day". Boys and girls, do you have loved ones who have already gone to heaven? If you want to see them again someday, then you've got to be ready for Heaven yourself. You must trust in the Lord Jesus, so that if you happen to leave your body, you'll go to be with the Lord in Heaven. Then, when the Lord comes back, your body will be raised and you'll be with Him forever more. Trust Him as your Savior and be SAVED! Just remember Jack. He was dead, but he was alive!