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Old Man Kind

By Harold Smith

Sometimes, boys and girls, people get saved in strange places and in very strange ways. Sometimes people are right on the verge of doing some real bad things when they get saved. That was like an old man whose name was Kind. He was a real old man, and everybody called him "Old Man Kind". He was a wicked old man and he was a hateful old man. He had an enemy who was really bothering him. He thought, "The best thing for me to do is get rid of that enemy! I'll get rid of him. I'm going to murder this enemy of mine. I'll fix him once and for all, and nothing's going to stop me from doing it!" He knew what route this fellow took, and this particular Sunday, he lay in wait there in a ditch. As he lay there waiting for his enemy to come - all ready to kill him - he heard somebody singing. Children were singing! He listened. They were singing, "Jesus died for all mankind, Jesus died for me!" He thought, "They're singing about me". Then he listened again and this is what he thought he heard, "Jesus died for Old Man Kind, Jesus died for me!" He thought, "Somebody died for me! Here I am, going to kill someone, and somebody died for ME!" So he listened awhile, and he was so upset he went over where the children were. One of the children told him that they were singing, "Jesus died for all mankind - that means you, too!" And you know, that old man, instead of murdering his enemy, he got saved that night because children were singing about Jesus dying for all mankind. He trusted the Lord and he was saved, right then and there! I hope you are and if you're not, that you'll trust the Lord and be saved today.