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Jesus is Enough

By Harold Smith

The Bible says, "... Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved ... " - Acts 16:31. That is, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. You see, if you have the Lord Jesus, you have all you need for salvation. Sometimes people think, "Yes, I've got to have the Lord to be saved, but I've got to have this, and I've got to do that, and I've got to do something else". No - you don't need anything more than the Lord Jesus to save you. You can't save yourself. You can't do ANYTHING to save yourself! You are helpless and you have to throw yourself, as it were, on the Lord Jesus Christ and trust and depend on Him alone to save you. There's no other way to be saved. A Christian lady was visiting a hospital one day, and she found a little boy. He was so thin and sickly and very small for his age. She was very kind to him. She brought him flowers and would visit him quite often. She told him about the Lord Jesus and he listened very well. She kept telling him about his need for the Savior, but he would say, "I'm a good boy. I go to church. I really believe in Jesus, too!" But he didn't seem to realize that he had to take his place as a lost sinner and put his trust in the Lord Jesus in order to be saved. Time went on and one morning, this young lady went in to see this little boy and she found his face all aglow. When she asked him why he was so happy and joyful, he said, "I always knew that Jesus was necessary for salvation, but I never knew until yesterday that He was enough, that He is all I need". The little fellow had made a great discovery, that Jesus was REALLY all he needed to be saved and go to Heaven. You know, boys and girls, He's all YOU need to be saved! You don't need any more. Have you made that great discovery yet? That's all you need - the Lord Jesus as you Savior. Just come as a sinner and depend on Him as your Savior in order to be saved. If you'll do that today, you too, like this little boy, will be saved. Do it, and you'll be so glad that you did!