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The Missionary and the Choo

By Harold Smith

It's pretty hard, boys and girls, for the Devil to defeat the Lord's work if He wants it to go ahead. My story today is about a man in a Bible society who was in China many, many years ago. He was selling portions of Scripture, hoping that people would be interested and be saved. The city was full of enemies of the Bible, enemies of missionaries, and enemies of the Gospel. Suddenly, some bad men came and attacked this man. They scattered what they called foreign devilish books to the wind - tore them up and threw them away. So the man went away thinking his work had been defeated - that no one would ever hear the Gospel. Little did he know that some of the portions of those Scriptures were picked up by another man named Choo. Choo began to read them and the light of the Gospel began to shine in. And even though it was many years after - about twelve years after - before he finally got saved, HE DID GET SAVED! One day, Choo was on a journey and he met another missionary and the two of them read the Scriptures together regularly. Then, Choo went back to his home and got acquainted with another native man and told him the Gospel. The two of them met together and read together, and started a little meeting in Choo's house. They invited neighbors in and preached the Gospel to them. At the end of two years, there was quite a little group of Christians meeting in that big Chinese city, where that first missionary who'd been beaten had decided there was no hope. It was a small beginning, but the Lord worked. A great work was done because of some bad people who were trying to tear up and destroy the Word of God! Little did the Devil know, boys and girls, that he was defeating his own cause by tearing up the Word of God and scattering it to the wind. Little did he know that Choo would get ahold of that portion of the scripture and read it and get saved, and that many, many others would be saved as well. That's the way it is if you're a Christian. Sow the good seed. Sow it everywhere. Tell others about the Lord Jesus. But if you're not saved, you've got nothing to tell them about. First come to the Lord as a poor sinner. Put your trust in Him and be saved first, then you can go and tell others. Do it, and you'll be glad that you did!