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The Bad Boys and the Elephants

By Harold Smith

My story today is about a Christian boy in a mission land. He knew three other boys who weren't Christians - in fact, they scoffed and laughed at his Christianity. These four boys went out together into the jungle to get some salt so they could sell it. They walked along the road on an eight-day journey. Along the way, the three young fellows scoffed at the Christian boy for his faith in the Lord and his faith that the Lord answers prayers. At night, they would sleep around a campfire in an attempt to keep the wild beasts away. In a few days, they made it there all right and got some salt out of the marshes and started their eight-day journey back home again. On their way back, they all went to sleep one night around their campfire and they heard a loud noise in the night that woke them up. There was a whole herd of elephants coming down upon them! They got up and quickly gathered up their belongings and before they could run, the elephants were right there among them. There were elephants all around them - a whole herd of wild, vicious elephants coming through their camp! One of the boys said, "We're dead, there's nothing we can do!" "Yes there is", the Christian boy said, "There IS something we can do! Let's kneel down and pray." So he knealt down and he asked the Lord to care for them and protect them from the elephants and to get them home safely. As he prayed, a huge elephant went right by where they were kneeling. Then others followed and soon the whole herd of elephants went by their little campground. The four boys remained there, still kneeling, looking around in amazement as the elephants went right by. God had answered their prayer, so the young Christian thanked the Lord for protecting them from those vicious elephants. As a result, the three boys who didn't believe in God and in God answering prayers - they all came to the Savior and were saved. The young Christian lad later became a trusted servant of the Lord and an evangelist in that country. The Lord looks after his own. The Bible says, "The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them" - Psalm 34:7. If you belong to Him, you can trust Him to look after you. Trust Him today and be SAVED!