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Indian, Dog, and Lost Boy

By Harold Smith

My story today, boys and girls, is about an Indian and his dog and a lost boy. Out in Pennsylvania many year ago, there was a farmer that had a very large family. One day, little Derrick, just four years old, the youngest of the family, went out into the woods and got lost. It was a real problem for the father and mother, as they loved little Derrick. Several of the neighbors helped and they went through the woods, all that day, searching without success. When night came, the neighbors went home but the father refused to. He got a lantern, determined to spend the night hunting until his child could be found. When morning came, the child was still missing. The father went home to get something to eat before starting out for the day to hunt again for his boy. Just as he was getting ready to go, and Indian friend came over and said, "I heard about your little boy. Would you like for me to bring my dog over? He'll help find your boy!" The father was glad for anything that would help to find his boy. The Indian said, "You find some clothes that that boy has worn recently, and let my dog get a smell of them, and we'll send him on and see if he can find your boy". So they did. They got some shoes and stockings that he'd worn, and the dog took a few sniffs of them and off went the dog into the woods. They couldn't keep up with the dog, so they just sat in a place, knowing that the dog would come back if he found anything. They could hear him bark once in a while, so the Indian said, "He's on the trail, he'll find him!" It wasn't long before the dog came back and sure enough, he was wagging his tail and he was happy. "That means", the Indian said, "he's found your boy, let's go!" So they followed the dog and sure enough, right at the foot of a big tree, cold and hungry but still alive, was Derrick, where he'd spent the night. Derrick's like a lot of little boys and girls, and older folks too, who are lost and perishing and they don't realize it. Maybe another night little Derrick wouldn't have made it - he would have died. Many boys and girls are dying in their sins in another way. They're lost to God, away from God, and the Good Shepherd is out looking for lost sheep. He said, "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost" - Luke 19:10. He wants you to turn to Him and really trust in Him and what He's done for you, and accept Him as your Savior so you can be saved before you perish in your sins and lost forever. You do it, and you'll be glad that you did!