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The Coney and the Rocks

By Harold Smith

I have a story about a coney. In Proverbs, chapter 30 and verse 26 we read about four little things on the earth, and one of them is the coney: "The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks". A coney is something like a rabbit, although they aren't really in the rabbit family. They cannot dig like a rabbit, so they seek homes that are ready-made for them in the rocks, because the Bible says they're only feeble folk. They can't defend themselves, so they get into the hard, strong rocks - they crawl into the holes in the rocks, and that's where they are safe. I suppose the biggest enemies of the conies would be the hawk and the eagle - the hawk especially. When they catch sight of a little coney sitting out near the edge of the hole in his rock, they fly directly over that coney and when they get right over the top of him, suddenly they just let go like a shot out of a gun and they dart right down as fast as they can, and SMACKO! Sometimes they catch those little conies, and take them away, and of course, they eat them. But the coney is not stupid! He's among one of four little things on the earth that's exceedingly wise. He knows when he's sitting out in the sunshine and sees that heavy shadow overhead, that something's coming down at him so he darts back into his hole and escapes, and the old hawk just doesn't get him. He knows when he sees that shadow, that dark cloud, that something terrible is coming, so he crawls into the rock and hides himself. Now boys and girls, there's a real lesson for us here! If we're wise, we'd be like the coney. You know, there's a cloud hanging over the earth today, it's a cloud of judgment ready to fall on sinful mankind. The Lord is coming back and the clouds of His storm of judgment are getting lower and lower and lower all the time. Now if you realize that and you aren't saved, then you would see that cloud coming like the coney, and you'd run into the rock to find protection and safety and security, and that Rock is the Lord Jesus Christ, there is no other. The old hawk of sin will get you every time, and the judgment of God will catch up with you if you don't come to Christ and put your trust in Him as your Savior. I hope you will. Tomorrow it could be too late. Make Jesus your savior today!