Bus Story Page


By Harold Smith

I have a story today about a dog named Rover. This is a true story that happened around a lake near Kingston, Ontario. The boys and girls were out on a little picnic and one boy stepped near the pier and fell over backwards into the lake. None of his companions were able to swim or help him, all they could do was cry and cry for help. This boy was really having a hard time, but a Newfoundland dog named Rover came running down, and without hesitating, he jumped into the water and pulled that little boy out, and the little boy was none the worse for his experience. The children were so grateful that they took that dog up to the bait shop and they got him all of the cakes and goodies that he liked. They just fed him and had a big celebration. Well, that's a nice story - but there was something strange about that dog. A few days later, the children were down playing again at the pier and who should come trotting along, but the same old Rover. He looked around, there weren't any children in the water, so he was likely thinking about the children and the cakes and the candies that he got by his brave act of saving that boy a few days before. He looked around, and it seems as if he was thinking, "I wish somebody would fall into the water!" Well, nobody did until Rover got close enough to a little girl. He just gave her a litte nudge and she fell over into the water. But sure enough, he jumped in and saved her again, but he was thinking only of the treats and the candies that he would get. Isn't that just like mankind, so deceitful, so lustful, so sinful in themselves? Well, our Savior went down into the deep waters of death to rescue us from our sins, boys and girls. He never had any selfish motive in doing it, but He wanted you and He wanted me to be saved. That's why He came into the world, to die on the cross to save sinners. It's only when you come to realize that you're a sinner and that He's the Savior, then alone is when you can come to Him and be saved. I hope you'll come, as a sinner, to the Savior and be saved today!