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Which Road to Hell?

By Harold Smith

I have a very strange story and a strange question - I wonder how you'd answer this question. Suppose a man came along the highway, driving along in his car, a big car, and he stopped and asked you this question, what would you answer? Suppose he asked you, "Which road will lead me to Hell?" What would you tell him? That's exactly what happened to a small boy one day. A very wealthy man who didn't believe too much in anything - he was a very honored man in the sense that he held a Government job - he was converted by asking that question of a little boy one day. He was driving out in the country, just a country drive, and he saw this small boy walking along the road, and he thought, "I'll have a little fun with this boy by asking him some questions, and see what he says". So he stopped and said to the boy, "Do you know the area around here quite well?" "Oh yes", the boy answered, "I know it quite well". "Do you know where these different roads lead you?" "Oh yes", he said, I can tell you where they go". "Tell me this, son, which one of these roads will take me to Hell?" "Oooh", the boy thought, "I wonder what this guy is asking?", he wasn't sure what he was talking about. He didn't know much about the road to Hell anyway, but he thought, "The man asked me a stupid question, I'll give him a stupid answer!" So he said, "Go straight on, sir, and you'll soon be there!" The man laughed and started up his car, and away he went. But you know, he didn't laugh after he thought a little while about that boy's answer - "Go straight on, sir, and you'll soon be there!" And the Spirit of God started to use that to convict him that he was on the road to Hell. He was going straight on in his life, living the way he wanted to live, living for sin and living for self, ignoring God and all the wonderful provisions God had made, and he realized that was the way to Hell. So he repented of his sins and got saved. Boys and girls, I hope you realize that if you've never been saved, that all you have to do to get to Hell is to go straight on. Trust in Christ and be SAVED today!