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The Little Boy "Me Too"

By Harold Smith

You know, boys and girls, we all have to be saved. Everybody has to be saved. Nobody that has sinned against God is safe, they have to be saved from their sins. And you know, it isn't hard to believe that we're sinners. I guess everybody would acknowledge that we're sinners. The Bible says that ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. But you know, it's not enough to believe that we've all sinned or that we have sinned. You must believe that I HAVE SINNED. That makes it personal, doesn't it? Then you can realize the God loved the world and gave His only begotten Son, but it's not enough to believe that. It's not enough to believe that God loved us, you've got to believe that GOD LOVES ME, and GAVE HIMSELF FOR ME. That's what Paul says in Galations chapter 2 and verse 20. "The Son of God, who loved ME and gave Himself for ME". Well that reminds me of a story of a little boy. He wasn't very old, but he got terribly, terribly sick and he died. And they buried him and they had a little tombstone, and they put on the tombstone under his name, "Me Too". And another little boy was kind of curious, "What does THAT mean, 'ME TOO'?" So he went to the boy's father and the father told him that before this little boy had died that when they talked in their home about Jesus and His love for people, the little boy would always point to himself and say, "ME TOO!" And when they spoke of Jesus dying on the Cross for sinners, he said, "ME TOO!" And when they spoke of Jesus caring for little ones day by day, he'd point to himself and say, "ME TOO". And they talked about the coming of the Lord back to earth to take His people and the little fellow would say, "ME TOO". "So", the father explained, "We just called him 'Me Too', and when we buried him, we put that on his tombstone, 'Me Too'". Well that was a good "ME TOO", boys and girls. I hope you can say, "Jesus died for ME TOO!" ME, the sinner, He loved ME, He died for ME. You've got to make the Salvation of the Lord PERSONAL. Because your sin is personal, you've got to make the Savior personal. Oh, I trust you'll make Him yours today by saying, "He died for ME TOO, and I'm going to trust Him as my Savior today".