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Susan and the Dying Boy

By Harold Smith

The Bible says, "Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not." - Luke 14:20. A little boy named Charlie, who lived in a big city called London, one day was knocked down by a van and badly hurt. It was a miracle that he escaped instant death. But both of his legs were terribly crushed under the wheels of the van. He was taken to the hospital and he was put in a room and he was there beside a little invalid girl named Susan. Susan used to talk to him, Susan was a Christian. She knew the Lord. She told Charlie that the Lord Jesus loved him and suffered far more pain, even death, so little children could be saved, as well as grownups, and go to Heaven. After many, many pain-filled days, the doctors decided that they couldn't save Charlie's legs. They must be amputated in order to save his life. The poison was going all through his body. The night before the operation, before the lights went out, little Charlie was heard crying. Susan asked him what was the matter. "Aren't you afraid of the dark?", he said. "Don't you know I'll never be able to run and play anymore?" "Oh", Susan said, "I'm not afraid of the dark, the Lord Jesus watches over me! Besides, perhaps tonight He'll come and take me home and I'll be better off". "But if He comes tonight", Charlie said, "I don't know whether I would go or not". "Well", Susan said, "If you'll trust Him, if you know you're a sinner and you're trusting in Him as your Savior from sin, I'm sure He'll take you home!" "But I'm so small!", Charlie said, "And this bed is so big, I'm afraid He wouldn't see me if He came tonight". "Oh", Susan said, "He sees you anywhere you are and He knows everything about you, and you can trust Him as your Savior". Little Charlie trusted the Lord Jesus as his Savior that very night. He said, "I think He'll see me all right, but just in case He doesn't, I think I'll raise my hand as high as I can, in case He comes, and then he'll see my hand anyway". In the morning, the nurses found the little hand still raised, for Charlie died that night, waiting for the coming of the Lord. Though he was absent from the body, there's every reason to believe he's present with the Lord, because He trusted Him as his Savior from sin. Have you trusted Him? I hope you will! Trust Him and be SAVED today!