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The Bible is Different

By Harold Smith

How do you know the Bible is true? a young flippant girl asked a Gospel preacher one time in the streets of Newfoundland. You see, this Gospel preacher was preaching the Gospel on a street corner in Newfoundland. The girl, with other teenagers, had gathered there to make fun and ridicule. The preacher, at the close of the meeting when confronted with this question thought, "What's the good for me to try to prove to her the inspiration of the Bible. That would be over their heads. They wouldn't understand that - to go into all the details of inspiration." So he said, "I'll tell you how you can know for sure that the Bible is true. You start carrying it everywhere you go. EVERYWHERE! Your friends will soon let you know that the Bible is a different book than other books." How true that is, boys and girls! The Bible is a different book. You know, in our schools in America they'll allow just about any kind of a book outside of a Bible. About anywhere, you can have any kind of a book outside of a Bible. The Bible isn't any ordinary book. It's the book of God to men. It's the book that men and women are going to have to come face to face with and what's in it, someday. Everybody, boys and girls, will come face to face with the God of this book someday. Well, the girl didn't have much more to say. She said "Yes, I see what you mean, sir". She knew that the Bible was a different book. Had he been out there preaching out of a psychology book, they would have likely been patting him on the back - but since he had a Bible, that was different, because the Bible is a different book. One day a young Christian boy graduated from school, and a college professor said, "Now boy, I want you to understand that you're going to launch out your craft on a very dangerous, wild, treacherous sea called life. You have to go carefully". The boy said, "Yes, I know". Taking a Bible out of his pocket and holding it up he added, "But you see sir, I have a safe compass and a Captain to guide me over that sea". That's true, boys and girls. Apart from the Bible and apart from the Lord Jesus Christ, you have no safe compass to guide you over the sea of life. You're going to get into the rocks in one way or another, and oh, how you need to turn to the Lord and trust Him as your Savior and obey His Word and live for Him. Do it and be SAVED today!