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Get a Pardon On Time

By Harold Smith

The Bible says, "... behold, now is the day of salvation". 2 Corinthians 6:2. NOW is the accepted time! In many countries, there are people who are sort of secret visitors, they are people who do not really belong there. It's against the law for them to be there, but they often remain there unnoticed for some time. They're called aliens, because they belong to another country. For the most part, the authorities permit them to stay because they don't want to arrest them and send them home, but they could. In Canada, recently, it was decided to pardon all these illegal aliens. The government invited them, one and all, to apply for permission to stay. They had 62 days to do it, and that would be their last chance. Up to that time, everybody would be forgiven. Nearly 50,000 came forward to accept it. 4,000 of them applied at the eleventh hour, just before the deadline. One man came just 15 minutes before the deadline. "Now", he said, "I'm happy. I'm free. I don't have to hide anymore!" Many years ago in Scotland, there was a rebellion in Northern Scotland under King William III. He made a proclamation after it was over that all who would come and take the oath of allegiance by December 31st would be pardoned. One proud Indian Chief said, "I'm going, but I'm only going at the last minute". So he waited until December the 29th, just two days before the offer expired, to make his journey from the north down to the king, to take the oath of allegiance, so he wouldn't be put to death. But alas, a blinding snowstorm hindered him. He tried desperately to get there to receive his pardon, but it was too late - he couldn't get there - and the time passed. The 1st of January came and the offer by the king was withdrawn and this Indian chief, when he was caught, was miserably put to death. He had missed it! Dear friends, remember his terrible mistake, he came too late. You see, God says TODAY is the day of salvation! TODAY - NOW is the accepted time. You must be saved NOW. If you put if off, it might be too late and you'll miss God's salvation, you'll miss the pardon from the King. Do it and be saved!