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Saved by a Fish Bone

By Harold Smith

You know, boys and girls, God can use anything! We can't, but God can use anything to save people. He used an earthquake in Acts chapter 16. One time, He wanted to feed a prophet and he used ravens. Another time, He wanted to speak to a man, but he had nobody to speak, so a donkey spoke to the man. Well, God used a fishbone one time, to save a girl. This little girl had heard the Gospel, she was brought up in a Christian home. But like so many other boys and girls brought up in Christian homes, it just got to be an old, old story that she believed in a sense, but it never meant too much to her. Well, one night this young lady had fish for supper, and a bone got stuck in her throat. All evening, that bone bothered her, and all that night. And the next day it got so bad - she hadn't told anybody about it - she went to the doctor to get that bone out. The doctor removed it and told her that her throat was very, very inflamed and she had to be very careful. She went home and she took the medicine that the doctor had told her to take. She went to go to bed that night and the thought of death and judgment passed before her mind again and again. She thought, "Someday I'm going to die, what if I should die? Where's my soul going to be?" And the Spirit of God was working in her and showing her that she had a desparate need of being saved. At last, she just couldn't stand it any longer. She got out of bed, got down on her knees and cried to the Lord for mercy and salvation. As she thought of the good Gospel messages she'd heard over the years, all about the finished work of Christ and how you must repent of your sins and you must trust in the Savior, she put her trust in the Lord Jesus as her Savior. She believed in Him with all of her heart and she was wonderfully, gloriously saved! The fear of death and judgment and the guilt of sin was gone immediately. She was saved, she knew Christ was her savior and she knew Heaven was her home. Boys and girls, I wonder about you. Do you know the Lord Jesus? Have you ever trusted Him as your Savior? Oh yes, you believe about Him, but do you really trust in Him? Do you really depend on Him to save you from your sins? He's the only Savior there is. If you don't trust Him, you'll never be saved. Do it and you'll be glad that you did!