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Namaan, the Leper

By Harold Smith

I have a Bible story for you today. My story is from II Kings, chapter 5. It's the story of a man called Naaman. Naaman was a great man, he was a mighty warrior, and a captain in the army of the king of Syria. He had accomplished many great things, but he had a problem. His problem was that he had a terrible, terrible disease called leprosy. It was a disease that nobody could get cured of. It looked like Naaman had to die. But in one of their battles with the children of Israel they had captured a little girl and she was waiting on Naaman's wife. The little girl said, "Now, if you would go to the prophet of God in Israel, He would cure you of your leprosy". So the king heard this, and he sent his favorite general, Naaman to the king of Israel. The king said, "Who am I? I'm not God, I can't make you well of your leprosy". But the prophet of God heard, and Naaman went to the prophet of God, Elisha. And Elisha didn't even come out of the house. He said, "Go tell Naaman to go down and wash in the river Jordan seven times and he'll be cured of his leprosy". Naaman was mad. He thought, "I thought he'd come out and put his hand right on the spot and something spectacular would happen and I'd be miraculously healed". So he went away in a rage, and went back home mad. But his servants said, "If he'd asked you to do some great thing, you would've done it, why don't you do it, Naaman?" After a while, they convinced Naaman and he went down in the river Jordan, the old dirty water of the river Jordan, and he dipped once, and he dipped twice and nothing happened. And he dipped a third time, and a fourth time, and a fifth time, and a sixth time and still nothing happened. But the seventh time that he dipped, he came up and his flesh was as clean as the flesh of a little child! He had no trace of the leprosy left, whatsoever. He was completely cured of his leprosy, because he did what the servant of God told him to do. So you see, boys and girls, we are like Naaman. We have a disease called sin, which is much worse than leprosy! Leprosy can eat way at our bodies, but sin eats away at our souls. We can be cured from our leprosy of sin if we'll come and put our trust completely in blood of the Lord Jesus that was shed on the cross and be saved from our sins. Oh, I hope you'll come and be saved from sin today!