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Little Danny Boy

By Harold Smith

My story today is about a little boy named Danny. Danny was real good at getting into trouble. It seems he was always getting himself into a mess. He was only three years old, and he often played out in the back yard. He had a truck full of sand, and he had a car tire out there, and he used to crawl through that. But he got tired of doing all these things over and over again, so he went into his father's workshop. There he saw an old rusty iron ring, evidently it had come off of some little wheel or something. He thought it would be fun to try to crawl through it, so he got it on and he put his head through, and the ring dropped down around his neck. He had squeezed it on over his head but then he couldn't get it off again, it wouldn't come back out over his ears. Now he was really afraid. He started to cry and his mother heard him. She came out, and she tried and tried and tried to get that thing off over his head, but she couldn't do it. She called up the father who was at work, and the father said, "What's he done now?" He remembered how Danny used to put that ring over his head, but now his head was getting bigger and it wouldn't come off. The father said, "Try lathering him up with some soap and shampoo, and maybe it'll slip off. Call me back if it doesn't work", and he hung up the phone. It wasn't long before the mother showed up where the daddy worked with little Danny. The iron ring was around his neck and he was dripping with lots of soap and shampoo. Danny had a worried look on his face. Dad got a hacksaw and asked some of the other men to help him. The men held Danny so the Dad could saw the ring off and let the little prisoner go free. Danny was finally released from that iron collar. He learned a lesson not to get into that kind of mess again. Now that was a cruel iron band, wasn't it? And yet, boys and girls, sin is just like that. You get hooked. You get caught in it. The best thing to do is not get caught. The only way you can avoid getting caught is to come to the Lord Jesus and know Him as your Savior from sin. You can do it. You can't help yourself, but you can trust in the Lord Jesus and He'll help you and save you and keep you from sinning. Do it and you'll be glad you did!