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Two Bad Boys

By Harold Smith

Christian parents do the best they can to bring up their boys and girls to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior. I hope you have parents like that, who tell you about the Savior and tell you that you need to be saved, and tell you how to be saved. That's like Charlie and Harry. They lived in the country and their mother and father were true Christians. But the boys grew up and didn't follow in the path of their mother and father. They were bad boys. They went to the city to live and they prospered and they forgot all about God and the Bible, they just didn't have time for Him. Once in a while, they'd go back and visit their old father and mother in the country, but they didn't want to hear anything about the Lord. Then the time came when both their parents died and went to Heaven. The boys decided they'd tear down the old farmhouse and they'd build a summer home there. So one day they came, looking it all over, trying to make their plans. They went into the living room and Charlie sat down in a chair. Harry walked back and forth in front of the fireplace. "Harry", said Charlie, "I've changed my mind, we can't tear down this old house, it's filled with too many sacred memories". "I've been thinking the same thing, Charlie", said Harry, pointing to the chair where his father used to sit, "That's the chair where Dad used to sit and read the Bible to us when we were children. Here are the chairs where we used to kneel down and pray when we had our family worship". For a long time the brothers stayed in the old home, talking things over. It seemed that the Spirit of God was working on them both. Finally, they got down on their knees by the old chair where their father sat. They poured out their hearts to God in true repentance for their sins, and they trusted the Lord Jesus as their Savior. To be sure, Charlie and Harry went back to the city two different people than they were when they came out. Their lives had been changed and they went back determined to live for the Lord. The old house was left standing. Many happy hours they'd spent there in the past, and many they would spend in the future until the Lord comes or they died and went to be with Him and their parents again. What about you? Have you come to trust the Savior yet? Why don't you do it, right now before it's too late. Do it today, and be SAVED!