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Sandy's Song

By Harold Smith

I have a story today about a song from the sea. This is the story of a man named Sandy who was a Christian fisherman in the northern part of Scotland. One day when he was returning from a fishing trip out on the sea, there was a great storm and it overturned the boat. All of his crew were thrown into the sea. Sandy's son was drowned before his very eyes, he couldn't do a thing. And now, the waves and tide were taking Sandy out away from the rest. He couldn't see any land and his strength was failing and he felt that before long he would be in the presence of the One who had loved him and saved him. With what little strength he had left, he started to sing, "Lord Jesus, do tell of thy love. Our soul shall forever delight. Sing of Thy glory above in praises by day and by night". It turns out that Sandy was nearer to land than he had imagined. In the little village on the coast, some fishermen were surprised to hear the sound of the singing coming out of the darkness from the angry waves in the sea. They got together and got out a boat and they started to follow the sound of the singing and soon they found Sandy. They rescued him and took him ashore, and one of them took Sandy home and put him to bed. The next day all the villagers came to see the man who was found under such extraordinary circumstances. Sandy arose and got dressed, and though he was still suffering the loss of his boy, and still suffering the effects of the cold water, he went out into the living room and told them what happened as he preached the Gospel to them. He told them there was a time he was a sinner, but he learned that the Lord Jesus came into the world to save sinners. He told them how he was saved and knew if he had perished in that sea, he'd have gone to be with the Lord. I wonder, boys and girls, are you like Sandy? Do you know that you're saved if you were to drown or to die some other way? Do you know the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior? What a wonderful thing it is to be saved and to know it! Why don't you trust the Savior and make Him yours today and be saved?