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A Terrible Volcano

By Harold Smith

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere or do something, and found you were too late? Well, that's what our story is about today. It's about a terrible volcano in a mountain in the West Indies. This volcano never erupted or had given any trouble for many years. Every once in a while the rumblings could be heard from within. This would put a little fear in the people sometimes. They never knew at what moment it might break out, and red-hot, molten lava would spew out destruction upon everything in its path. The government thought they would put a man up on that mountain to listen to those rumblings. When he heard them, he'd have time to run down and warn the people in the village and then they would run for safety. The man was a Christian, a very dependable man named Mr. Edwards. He lived in a little house on the slope, and when he heard those noises he would size them up and he would tell the people and warn the people to flee. That's just like in the Bible, you know. The Bible says, "flee from the wrath to come!". The Bible is a book of warnings, too, because we don't know the day or the hour when the Lord Jesus is coming, but we are told to be ready. One morning Mr. Edwards was reading his Bible and getting ready to eat his breakfast when he heard the rumblings. They sounded a little louder than usual. He thought, "THIS IS IT!". Immediately, he left his breakfast and ran down the slope and cried to the residents, "FLEE, FLEE, FOR THE RUMBLINGS ARE LOUDER THAN EVER BEFORE, THE VOLCANO IS GOING TO ERUPT!" Well, they all said, "Ah, we've heard that before. We've got lots of time, if it does break, it'll only be two or three days." "No, no, no!", Mr. Edwards said. "Leave now, the volcano may erupt any moment now!" A few of the people believed and went down to a safe place, but sad to say, many neglected the warning, some even making fun at the alarm. Suddenly, the volcano ERUPTED and SPEWED out RED-HOT LAVA, and may of the unbelieving neighbors perished. They were too late getting to safety. That's like God's eternal volcano, the coming of the Lord. Will you be too late? Why don't you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be in time before the Lord comes. Do it, and be saved right now!