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Bobby and the Train

By Harold Smith

Have you ever been almost killed? I'll bet you haven't. Some people have had "close shaves". Well, this is the story of a little boy called Bobby, who had a very, very close shave. Bobby was only four years old and he had a little sister. They had been left in the care of a neighbor while their father and mother went into the city on the train to do some shopping. Hearing that their parents would be coming home on the next train, little Bobby slipped out of the house where he was staying when nobody was looking. He started off toward the train station as fast as his little legs could carry him. Arriving there, he heard the whistle on the train way down the track. He didn't realize the danger, so do you know what he did? He started walking down the track to meet the train and meet his father and mother. He thought, "How glad I'll be to see my father and mother again when that train arrives". Well, it just so happened that Jimmy the paper boy was standing on the platform and he caught sight of the little fellow running up the track. Jimmy knew that the train was getting closer and closer all the time, and he wasn't sure that he could make it to pull Bobby from the tracks before the train arrived. But he made one mad dash - he ran and he caught Bobby and he picked him up and ran and jumped as quickly as he could, just about the time the train went roaring by and into the station. Bobby's parents stepped off the train and they saw a large crowd gathered around two boys, one little one and one big one. And sure enough, one of those boys was their own little Bobby! They were soon told the story of how he nearly lost his life. You can imagine how a mother and father were so thankful to God that their little boy wasn't killed. And you can be sure that they thanked Jimmy, too. After all, Jimmy had risked his life to save little Bobby. If you've not trusted the Lord Jesus as you Savior, you're like Bobby. You're in unrealized danger too. Perhaps you don't realize it, but there's a train coming down your track called the Judgment of God! If it ever overtakes you it will destroy you forever, but God loves you and He sent the Lord Jesus to give His life to save you. If you will trust Him, you will be saved this very day. Why don't you do that? Be saved before it's too late. Be in time. Trust the Lord Jesus and be saved today!