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The Artist and the Birds

By Harold Smith

I have a story today about a famous Italian artist named Leonardo da Vinci. The story is told of how he lived in Italy, about his life. He used to go down to the marketplace quite often. It was occupied with people who were selling birds. They had caught these beautiful birds in the forests of Italy, or stole them from their nest. Leonardo would go down the street and he would buy cage after cage of these birds, all that he could get. He would take them, and away he would go. These ragged, bare-footed boys who used to sell these birds would watch for him coming, and as soon as they saw him coming they would nudge one another and say, "Here comes that crazy painter, he's ready to buy some more of our birds!" They never could understand what he was doing with them! One day they decided they were going to follow him and see what he was doing with all these birds. He bought some birds and the market was thronged with people and he had his arms full of cages, and he had more slung over his back. He was going along with a pleasant smile and he was going out from the market after he had bought these birds, all that he could carry. They followed him out to an open field. And then, so tenderly and gently, a smile on his shining face, he opened the cages and he let every bird go free. As the birds flew in the air and chirped their happy songs, Leonardo smiled as he watched with great pleasure the echo of their joy as they went flying away, free as they could be. One cannot help admiring the artist for letting these beautiful birds go free, and one cannot help but see another picture in this - of another Great Artist who made the universe. Satan has come in, and he's snared boys and girls and men and women, and he has them caged. But the Lord Jesus came and bought the boys and girls, cage and all, and he wants to open the door and let the sinner go free. Whom the Son sets free shall be free indeed. Jesus says, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" - John 8:32 Do you want to be free like the birds? Trust in the Lord Jesus as your savior and He will make you free!