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Susie Was Lost

By Harold Smith

Have you ever been lost, I mean REALLY lost, boys and girls? I have a story today about a little girl who was lost. Little Susie and her mother and father were attending a Bible conference. After supper, there was an open-air street meeting across the way and Susie's daddy went to the meeting. Susie asked if she could go with him, but he told her that she must stay with her mother. However, Susie had ideas of her own, and quietly left her mother when nobody was looking. She went off to find her daddy. Now, she hadn't noticed which way her daddy went. So when she went off to find him, she ended up going in the direction opposite from the way he went. On and on she went, hoping to find him, but he was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, the street meeting ended and Daddy returned to the conference ground. Little Susie had walked about two miles down the road in search of her daddy. Then finally, a car pulled up beside her and an old couple asked the little girl where she was going. She said, "I'm trying to find my daddy". "Where is your Daddy?", they asked. "At the meeting", Susie replied. After questioning her for a while, they ended up taking her to the police station. Meanwhile, Mother and Daddy were panicking. They were searching everywhere for little Susie. Finally they went to the police station and there she was - poor little Susie, the lost little girl. How glad her mother and father were to see her! You see, boys and girls are just like little Susie. They are lost to God. The Lord Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost, that's what the Bible says! "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost" - Luke 19:10. Without Him we can never be saved. He's the Good Shepherd in Luke 15, that left the ninety and nine and went out into the wilderness to find the one lost sheep. Just like little Susie got lost from her earthly father, boys and girls are lost to their Heavenly Father, until they come to be found by the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved by Him. Now you can be saved if you'll come as a lost sinner and tell the Lord Jesus you're lost and you can't find your way to Heaven on your own, and let Him come into your life and into your heart. Let Him be the Good Shepherd who can save you today. You can do that if you'll trust Him as your own Savior.