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An African Boy and a Slave Trader

By Harold Smith

My story today takes place in Africa. It's about a little boy, a slave trader, and a missionary. One day a missionary was on a jungle trail and he was surprised to see a small boy stumbling through the brush and crying. The missionary stopped to lift him up and the little boy said to the missionary, "Don't let him get me! Don't let him get me!" "What do you mean, my boy?", said the missionary. The little boy answered, "The slave trader, he stole me from my home and he wants to sell me - maybe to some tribe that will kill me and eat me. He's coming after me!" The missionary listened for a moment and soon he heard footsteps coming through the brush, and the heavy feet of somebody running along the trail, hunting for the boy. The missionary lifted his heart to God and prayed, and then he said to the little boy after taking him in his arms, "No, I won't let him get you. I will look after you". Soon the brush parted and a tall, powerful native with an ugly club in his hand appeared. "Gimme that boy!", he shouted. The missionary tightened his arm about the boy as he answered, "NO! He doesn't belong to you, you can't have him!" The angry slave trader raised his club and would've hit the missionary, but the missionary was calm, very calm, with no sign of fear. He said, "You can't bother me, the Lord will look after me". And suddenly, the trader, seeing that he wasn't going to get very far, soon disappeared - and away he went. The little boy was happy. The missionary took him home with him to the mission station, and he would run errands for the missionary. One day, the missionary said, "Do you remember when that slave trader was after you?" "Oh, yes", the little boy cried, trembling. "Do you know that somebody even worse is after you?" "Who? Who?", said the little boy. Then the missionary told him about Satan, how he went about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. "But", the boy said, "you will save me from Satan!" "Ah", the missionary said, "I can't save you from Satan. I could save you from that slave trader, but I can't save you from Satan. Another One can do that, the Lord Jesus who died on the cross". He went on to tell him the story of salvation and the little boy trusted the Savior to save him from the lion. Have you trusted the Savior yet? If not, why don't you do it today, and be saved before it's too late!