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Harry and a Bag of Beans

By Harold Smith

Boys and Girls, my story is about Harry and a bag of beans and how his sin found him out. Harry was the son of a farmer. One day his dad took him in the garden and said, "Harry, I want you to plant this bag of beans. I've got other work to do". So the father made a row and he showed Harry how to plant the beans, to drop one every so often and plant the beans in the row. Harry started to sprinkle the beans down each row and cover them up with soft earth like is father told him to do. He worked away for a while and then he sat down to play. As he played, he tipped the bag of beans over and they spilled all over the ground. He set about to pick them up but there were so many, and they were scattered all over the ground, and Harry became very tired trying to pick them up. Then a thought came to him, "I'll just cover them over with dirt and no one will ever know that I spilled the beans". Finally, he got them all covered over nicely, and he took what few he had left and he planted them in the rows and he went home. He was sort of happy to think that he didn't have to pick up all those beans. As the days went by he often thought of the beans that he had spilled. Then one day his father went out into the garden to see if the beans were coming up. He saw a few beans planted in the rows, pushing their way up through the ground. But where did all these other beans come from? A big patch by themselves all coming up, thick as they could be, and then, of course, it finally dawned on him - Harry had spilled the beans and he had covered them up with mud. So he went back, and he had guessed right, and Harry confessed. Harry's sin had found him out. The Bible says "...be sure your sin will find you out." The Bible says if you cover your sin you'll not prosper. But if you confess them and forsake them, you'll have mercy for them. If you confess your sin He's faithful and just to forgive you, and to cleanse you from them. Harry tried to cover up what he had done wrong. Boys and girls, you can't do that, it'll come out after a while and you'll be found guilty. Don't be like Harry. Tell the Lord Jesus your sins and trust Him as your Savior. Don't try to cover them up. Trust Him, He can take them all away, He can forgive you of all your sins. So do it today!