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Saved on the Spot

By Harold Smith

My story today is about a young man who was saved in a very strange place. He was at a Gospel meeting one night in a small seaport in England. There was much interest there, a number of people had already professed to be saved. The young man came into that meeting hall that night, he appeared to be a sailor, he was a stranger to the town. He seemed very interested in the meeting, and at the close, the preacher went over to speak to him. And he asked him, "Are you saved?" "Oh, yes!" he said, "I'm saved". "When did you get saved?" He said, "Two years ago". "Tell me, how did it take place?" "Well", he said, "I'll tell you. I was out on the sea, sailing in a boat, a big, big boat. And it had much rigging on it. And the captain said, 'You climb up on the main topsail, on the top there are some riggings loose and I want you to tie them'". So he climbed up these ropes way up in the air on the spar of the ship. He had done it before, and he was quite careful. But you know, he got up there and his foot slipped and he lost his grip and he fell. And while falling, his foot got snared in a rope and he just hung there by the foot, way up in the air with the angry sea and the rails of the boats down below. And there he hung in mid-air! Well, he had a mother that was saved and had gone to Heaven. He knew he wasn't ready to meet God, and all of his sins came up before him. But he knew how to be saved, he'd been told many, many times before. And then and there, he trusted the Lord Jesus as his Savior and he was saved! Fortunately, he got hold of the ropes, climbed back up again, got his foot untangled, and came safely back. And that had been two years before. Here was a man that was saved while hanging by the foot up on the top of the main sail of a boat. God saved him then and there! You can be saved anywhere, boys and girls. Don't wait until you get into some danger like this young man. Just remember, another One hung between earth and sky to save you - the Lord Jesus, who died for your sins. Trust Him like this young man did, and be saved today, before it's forever too late!