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Two Men and a Debt All Paid

By Harold Smith

Today's story is about two young brothers who left England one day, to venture out in a new land and a new life. One went to Canada, the other went to Australia. The one who went to Canada bought a farm and entered into farming. The other man went to Australia to dig for gold. The farmer in Canada had quite a lot of cattle and stock and furniture and so on, but then he started to have trouble. He had a mortgage on the farm and he got sick and he wasn't able to pay the mortgage. The farm and all that he owned could be lost. And soon the mortgagee closed out the mortgage and told him the farm had to be sold. The farmer couldn't do anything to save his farm and his home and his goods for his family, and it looked like he was going to lose everything. In the meantime, the other brother had gone to Australia and had become very rich digging gold. He thought he'd like to visit his brother in Canada, so he arrived just as his brother was having this mortgage trouble. He heard about his brother's affairs before he went to see his brother. In fact, his brother didn't know he was coming. So he went to the moneylender and he informed him that he was ready to pay the mortgage in full. Then he paid the mortgage and he sent a messenger to tell his brother that his mortgage was all paid off. His brother was delighted, but he was puzzled. Who would ever pay his debt? He had no friends in this country. Who would ever do that for him? And there was another little mortgage on the farm as well. And soon a messenger came back with another message that that mortgage was paid as well. Determined to see who was paying his mortgage, he went to find the man - and he met his own brother. At first, he didn't recognize him. But then, he did recognize him. And his own brother had paid his debts so that he didn't lose his farm after all. That's what the Lord Jesus has done for you and for me. He paid the awful debt that we couldn't pay. We would have been lost for sure if he'd never paid that debt. And we still will be lost if we don't accept that our debt has been paid, and trust Him as our Savior. Trust Him and be saved. He paid the debt for you. Trust Him and be saved today!