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A Strange Way to be Saved

By Harold Smith

I have a story today about a telegraph clerk, and the very strange way that this man was saved. He was one of these fellows that sat in the station and he took messages over these little CLICK, CLICK, CLICK machines, telegraph machines and Morse code. And they would CLICK, CLICK, CLICK out this message, and he would sit there and he would write it down. And of course, whoever the message was for, he'd pass it along to that person. Well, this man was really burdened about his sins. He had been listening to the Gospel, and he was really bothered about his sins. He wished he knew how to be saved. He wished he knew how to get rid of his sins. And he was really troubled about his soul. But then he would think a while, then that machine would go CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, and he had to get his mind off of that and go tend the machine. Well, he got this telegraph message one day that was just what he needed, but really wasn't for him, but it really was what got him saved. He went to the machine one day and it was CLICK, CLICK, CLICKing out a message. And this is what the message said as he wrote it out: "Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world". It was a message from a man to a friend who was really troubled about his soul. And this gentleman out in some other land was sending a message through this office to a friend in that area, words of how he needed to be saved. And the telegraph clerk, though the message was not sent directly to him, it most certainly was for him. And he found out that the Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, bear in His own body his sins and took them away when He hung on the tree. Behold, see, understand the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world! He got his sins taken away that day because he trusted in the Lamb of God that died for him. Have you trusted the Lamb of God? Have you received Him as your Savior? Are your sins gone? Why not take Him into your life today? Trust Him and be saved!