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How Hudson Taylor Got Saved

By Harold Smith

My story today is about a great missionary to China, Hudson Taylor. It's not about him going to China, but it's about when he was a boy, and how he got saved. There was a time when he was about 11 years old, he grew more careless and careless about his soul's salvation. He seemed to want fun and money and whatever it could get him. And when he was 15 he met some men who didn't believe the Bible was true, and he quickly accepted their teachings. And he was thankful to get away from the haunting idea that he might die and go to Hell. He thought like so many other people that if he could forget about Hell, it might not be so real. But you know, forgetting about it and pretending that it was not real didn't make it that way. But God answered prayer. He had a mother and father and sister who vowed they were going to pray for young Hudson until he got saved. One day he went home and he picked up a book that was lying around and he started to read it. And before he finished reading that little booklet, he was saved! Because he read in that little book how that we were all sinners, and how that the Lord Jesus had finished the work on Calvary's cross for our sins. He thought, "What did the Lord Jesus finish?" He knew He had suffered for sin, but what did He finish? Ah, it was the debt for his sin that He had paid. What else could Hudson Taylor do? The Lord Jesus had finished the work. He had paid the debt. "There's nothing left for me to do", he said, "but trust Him and accept Him as my savior". About two years later he wrote a letter saying, "I'm a poor, helpless Hell-deserving sinner, but I'm praising the Lord because I'm a sinner saved by the grace of God". He later grew up to go to China and preach the Gospel and see many, many boys and girls saved. He was saved because he believed in the finished work of the Lord Jesus, and he trusted Him as his personal Savior. What about you? Have you done that? Have you seen yourself as a sinner, a Hell-deserving sinner, and seen the Lord Jesus as your Savior? And have you trusted Him as your personal Savior and been saved? If not, why not do it today and be saved!