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The Titanic, Get In the Lifeboat!

By Harold Smith

My story today is about a big boat called the Titanic. This boat was built in England, and started out on its first voyage in April, 1912. It started to go across the Atlantic Ocean. It was a big as an 11-story apartment building, and about 4 city blocks long. It had big engines that were very powerful, and it had a double housing on it - in case it leaked in one, it wouldn't leak in the other. The people said it was UNSINKABLE. There were over 2,200 passengers aboard, many rich people wanted to ride on that Titanic on her first voyage from England to New York. So they set out to sail. And they were aboard and they had nice food and games and dancing, and they were having the time of their lives. The Captain had told Freddy Fleet to look out for Icebergs, although he wasn't very worried. So Freddy watched for icebergs. And they were sailing along in the Atlantic and they were pretty well across on this side, when Freddy saw a huge, dark thing before him. It was a huge iceberg. So he rang the gong - the signal for danger, and he picked up the phone and he said to the captain, "Iceberg ahead!" And the captain came up and they watched this big floating mountain of ice ahead as it grew larger and larger. And they hung on to the ship expecting it to crash, but they sort of got by the iceberg. But it hit in the side of the ship and it tore a hole about 1/3 of the length of that ship. And the captain knew as the water gushed in, that the ship that they said was unsinkable was going to sink! So they got the lifeboats out and they tried to get the people to go on the lifeboats. They said, "The ship's going to sink!", but many didn't pay any attention. Some even laughed. But the ship started to sink. And then the people crowded in the lifeboats, but they couldn't get them in fast enough. The result was that 1,500 people were lost because they never got into the lifeboats. That was sad, but sadder still, boys and girls, we're in a world that's sinking down into ruin. And unless you get off and get into the lifeboat - the Lord Jesus Christ - you'll be like the people that perished in the Titanic. They went down to a watery grave, but you'll go down to eternal ruin. Why not trust the Savior. Get in the lifeboat. Receive Christ as your Savior. Get off the sinking ship and be saved today!